How to Remove Computer Program Performing an Illegal Operation Error Problem

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Windows Says: "The Program Has Performed an Illegal Operation and Will Shut Down"?

"Hello, yesterday, when I tried to open some newly downloaded documents and installed programs, the computer Windows kept giving me an error message saying: that program had performed an illegal operation and would shut down. But, I didn't know why. Is there any problem with my downloaded files or programs? Or there is something wrong with my Windows 7 computer? Do you have any idea? What am I supposed to do to fix such program performing an illegal operation error issue? Thank you for any useful clue here!"

Hello, friends! From your description, your program performing illegal operation error problems seems to be caused by viruses. Where have you downloaded these new files and programs? Are the downloading websites or locations safe? OK! No matter whether the guess is right or now, here are more related reasons and solutions for you to check. Hope you can fix such computer illegal operation error successfully.

What Is an Illegal Operation Error?

Generally, in daily use, the illegal operation error message often indicates that you have performed a program operation that is not allowed. In case of causing more serious computer problem or messing everything up, you are often suggested to close that specific file or program that bring you such illegal operation error warning messages.

Why Such Program Performing an Illegal Operation Error Occurs?

Generally speaking, such computer program performing illegal operation error issues could be caused by many reasons. In order to fix everything, you are supposed to know more details about the reasons behind, including:

1). Computer software problems.
Are you sure the program or file that you want to use is really safe and do has no problems? In fact, in these days, many program producers have designed their software with wonderful and attractive features, but, ignored the software compatibility with the computer Windows operating system and other installed software there. Needless to say the software also gets fatal bugs or problems itself. For example, when you double click a program that may conflict with other installed programs on your PC or is not compatible with your PC Windows OS, you do have high chances to receive such program illegal operation error messages. Needlessly to say, you will certainly encounter such error problems when you have tried to open a program that will try to change the important operating system files and folders.

2). Computer hardware problems.
Honestly, such illegal operation problems also do have a great connection with the computer hardware state, especially the computer internal hard disk state. And the quality of your installed internal hard disk often is supposed to be the first one in the problem lists. In other words, when your computer hard disk is not highly-qualified and gets some physical damages, like bad sectors, your computer also cannot find enough computer resources to help you launch your needed computer programs or files and have to tell you to shut down these files and programs. Don’t you think so? Therefore, if so, also check the connected internal hard disk state at the same time.

3). Human errors
Do you still remember well what have you done to these programs, files or your computer before you receive such illegal operation error messages? Honestly, there are also many other human errors that also can bring people such illegal operation problems. For example, before you receive that illegal operation error pop-up, have you already run a lot of programs and documents already, have opened tens of computer websites or have ever improperly deleted or uninstalled some software? If you do have done these before, that could be why you encounter such program illegal operation error.

4). Computer virus 
Such illegal operation error messages also can come out when your computer do have some viruses. If the computer is seriously damaged by such invisible viruses, except such program performing operation error problems, you even can get more horrible problems, like computer hard disk data loss troubles, corrupted operating system or crashed computer, etc.

What You Can Do to Resolve Such Program Illegal Operation Error Problems?

When you are stuck in such illegal operation troubles, there are several methods you can try to remove them completely:

1). Restart that document or program.
In some cases, such program performing an illegal operation error issues also could be caused by accidental computer memory conflict which will not exist too long. Under such circumstances, you can easily remove that illegal error message by restarting your wanted documents or programs. Hence, merely close these programs or files and start them again to take chances. 

2). Uninstall or remove that program.
Of course, if that specific program is really not so important for your computer, in order to remove such illegal operation problems, you also can go to uninstall it and remove all related files and folders to fix everything. Of course, if such error problems care caused by software conflict, you can also uninstall or remove other programs instead if this software is pretty useful for you.

3). Reboot your computer.
In case such computer illegal operation error issues are really aroused by computer internal hard disk problems, go shut down your computer and also reboot your PC to take chances. When your inner computer hard disk is really seriously damaged, the computer often will also not be able to properly reboot. Of course, if this computer could be successfully reboot and gives no similar illegal error message, also do not forget to test the computer internal hard disk with CHKDSK.

4). Do antivirus scanning on your PC.
Immediately launch your computer antivirus software and do a deep scan on your computer internal hard disk to see whether there are viruses really. If that software really detect viruses, spy-wares, mal-wares and the like threats, do not forget to wipe them all completely to clean everything dangerous off from your PC.
Of course, as with some files and folders deleted while cleaning viruses there, go use deleted file recovery software to take chances.
If you do have performed a formatting process there to get rid of everything suspicious after running antivirus software there, you also can go try format recovery software to take chances.

5). Consult professional PC repairing shops or agencies.
Of course, if you really know little about computer illegal operation error and don’t want to get worse troubles with unfamiliar operations, you also can directly take it to some professional PC repairing shops or agencies which will test your computer with professional tools and find whether it is recoverable. However, the repairing service also cost a lot. Hence, make your decision carefully.
Please Note: NO matter which ways you will choose to resolve your illegal operation error problems, always firstly back up entire computer information on other storage devices in case that some computer hard disk data recovery troubles, like RAW file system hard disk recovery, corrupted hard disk data recovery, undelete hard disk data recovery, would come to you unexpected.

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