How to Recover Photos from iPod Touch without iTunes Backup

Are you wondering how to recover photos from iPod when you mistakenly deleted them without iTunes backup or iCloud backup? You can do many things with your iPod touch, but all data stored on it h might be lost due to various kinds of reasons when you hand the iPod touch. For example, you probably mistakenly delete some precious photos from the iPod touch without making any backup. Or you probably accidentally restore your iPod to factory settings. Even worse, your iPod touch was damaged or lost. Is there any free way to recover lost files from your iPod touch when you run into any of those terrible data loss situations? Probably, you can try following solutions for data recovery for iPod touch.

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Recover Deleted Photos from iPod Touch with iTunes Backup

If you need iPod touch photo recovery in any data loss problem like deletion, factory resetting, iPod lost, etc, you have good opportunity to recover it without iTunes backup. In order to avoid data loss from iPod touch, many people would like to backup their iPod touch with iTunes. As a matter of fact, almost every Apple device user knows iTunes, with which they can easily backup iPhone, iPad, iPod and so on. iTunes is a special design in Apple Inc. You just need to connect your iPod touch to a computer that has the latest iTunes installed and select the iPod touch after running the iTunes so as to backup everything stored on your iPod. With iTunes, you can backup data from your iPod touch quickly and efficiently no matter how much it contains, so you do not have to waste time in copying and transferring files from iPod touch by using traditional method. With iTunes backup, you can easily get back everything when you lose any data from your iPod touch due to any reason.

iPod Touch Photo Recovery from iCloud Backup

iCloud is another program designed by Apple Inc. iCloud has similar function with iTunes, but it works differently. Like iTunes, iCloud also works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, etc for data backup or restore. You need to connect your iPod touch to computer through USB cable if you want to backup it with iTunes. However, you do not have to connect iPod touch to any device if you backup it with iCloud. What you need is to connect your iPod touch to Internet and log in iCloud with an Apple ID. After setting to backup your iPod touch with iCloud, it will automatically perform backup as long as your iPod touch is tuned on. When you lose data from iPod touch, you can open the iCloud and restore all lost files from iCloud backup.

Free Recover iPod Touch without iTunes Backup

Is there other ways to recover iPod touch without iTunes backup? When you lose data from iPod touch and fail to restore it from iTunes backup or iCloud backup, you have another choice to recover lost files. You can search data recovery for iPod touch and install it on your computer. Then, you have following two choices to recover data from iPod touch for free without any backup:

1. If you have never backed up your iPod touch with iTunes or iCloud, you can connect your iPod touch to your computer and run the data recovery for iPod touch and deep scan the iPod touch to search all lost files. Usually, it works on all iPod touch and other iOS devices to recover any kind of lost data including deleted images, videos, contacts, documents, etc.

2. If you have ever backed up your iPod touch with iTunes or iCloud but deleted the backup by mistake or due to other reasons, you can also run the data recovery for iPod to scan the iTunes or iCloud to search deleted backup files. As long as you have a previous iTunes / iCloud back, the software is able to search and detect the latest backup files. Even your iPod touch is lost or physically damaged; the free picture recovery software is able to help recover lost files by scanning the iTunes backup or iCloud back without needing to connect the iPod touch to your computer.

Tips for iPod Touch File Recovery

1. If you have backed up iPod touch with iTunes, you should close the backup function when you realize that you lost files on your iPod touch. You should not iPod touch with iTunes before restoring the lost files from iTunes backup because the iTunes usually shows the latest backup.

2. If you want to use data recovery for iPod touch to perform lost data recovery directly from iPod touch or iTunes / iCloud backup, you should stop writing new data to the iPod touch because it might overwrite the deleted data and make it unrecoverable.

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Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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