How to Recover Lost Data after Forcedly Reformatting My HDD

I Have Forcedly Reformatted My HDD Since PC Finds No OS. How to Recover My Lost Data?

"Hello, friends there! My Vista computer could not find the OS and also was not able to boot up properly. And finally I was forced to reformat my HDD used on this computer and naturally also lost all my data stored inside this HDD. Do you think hard disk file recovery software is possible to recover my lost computer data back? Honestly I do have purposely not used this PC, including this reformatted HDD, to avoid further writing data to this drive. Thank you for any advice to recover data after reformat."

Hello, friends! In your case, your mentioned data recovery software is really possible to retrieve lost movies, documents, videos, games, mails and other files from forcedly reformatted HDD before you further rewrite this drive completely with new data. Hence, do not rush to add fresh data to this reformatted HDD and go select an effective drive reformat recovery tool to take your desired computer information back.

Why You Have to Reformat This Internal HD with Important Data Reserved?

Why you are forced to reformat this HDD used on your Vista computer? When the Vista computer reports it finds no OS and could not boot up properly, you just extract this hard disk out from your original computer and try it on another one? How doest this HDD show on this computer? This hard disk drive shows RAW file system in Disk Management of this computer and asks you to reformat? Or the computer says this hard drive is not formatted and needs to be formatted at first before any access? No matter what type of hard disk drive problems you’ve encountered, it is not so correct to directly format or reformat this hard disk, especially when you do have left much important data inside this drive and also prepared no full copy of everything crucial elsewhere. However, since you do have performed the reformatting process on this HDD, also do not panic! Before the original computer data is permanently lost, go try to recover lost data back from this reformatted hard disk with data recovery software.

Please Note: Do not format or reformat your HDD with everything important without data backups stored elsewhere again in the future.

Go Recover Lost HDD Data with Hard Disk Format Recovery Software Firstly

download data recovery software

Even though your HDD has been forcedly reformatted, your original computer drive data, especially some documents, photos, songs and the like files, is not forever lost yet. Fortunately enough, as long as you do have not rewritten this reformatted HDD, your original data may be still stored well on this drive. Hence, do not give up any hope and go recover your lost drive data with hard disk format recovery software online.
Overall, no matter what your situation is right now, merely choose data recovery software and go see whether your desired data could be completely retrieved as below:

Step1: Run the downloaded and installed format recovery software to choose a proper data recovery mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Scan this reformatted HDD and preview the listed files, photos and documents.

wait while scanning

Step3. Pay for the data recovery software, restore and save desired drive data to another computer storage device.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Note:

*In case that your computer no OS issues is caused by OS problems and bring your worse trouble, go perform the drive data recovery processes on another computer.
*In case that you will spend money purchasing some terrible data recovery software, you’d better always check the software scanning results and preview the scanned files to see whether this software is needed for you case.
*In case that your data recovery processes will finally fail, always save and back up the retrieved data on a different drive or location, not this reformatted HDD.

Why Your Computer Find No OS and Cannot Boot Up?

Have you figured out why your computer finds no OS on you installed HDD and also cannot boot up properly? In fact, in daily use, people often encounter similar no OS and no booting problems due to many reasons caused by your computer OS issues or internal used HDD problems, like:
1). Computer OS has been damaged or deleted unexpectedly.
2). Computer OS has been updated improperly in recent days.
3). Computer internal HDD is logically damaged and becomes inaccessible.
4). Computer inserted Internal hard disk is physically damaged and cannot be recognized any longer.
5). Computer boot device has been reset in BIOS interface.

Have you found out what your reasons behind your no OS and no proper booting problems are? Have you tried to delete or change any files and folders of your computer OS before encountering this computer problems? Have you tried to update your PC OS recently? Have you ever reset your computer boot item anyhow in advance? Or have you added a new internal hard disk to your computer and forgotten to set this internal HDD with OS loading as the first boot item in BIOS interface? Hope my description can help you find the actual reasons behind smoothly.

Free download the iCare Data Recovery now, which is able to recover files after quick format or complete format on any storage media.

download data recovery software

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