How to Recover Locked iPhone SE

Having your iPhone SE locked usually means that you cannot access the device unless you can type the correct password. Even worse, your iPhone SE might be disabled if you have typed the wrong password for several times (usually 6 times). When an iPhone SE is locked without a correct password, what you may be wondering is whether there is any way to access the locked iPhone SE and extract all important data from the locked device. If it is the problem you need to resolve on a locked iPhone SE, this article will share top 3 methods to recover locked iPhone SE with all data back.

Top 1 method: Recover locked iPhone SE with iTunes
Top 2 method: Restore locked iPhone SE with iCloud
Top 3 method: Unlock a locked iPhone SE by recovery mode

Data Recovery from Locked iPhone SE

Although there are different solutions for iPhone SE unlocking even without password, you had better pay attention to following point before unlock the iPhone SE:

  • If you do want to lose any data from the locked iPhone SE, you had better not try any method or use any unlock software to unlock the iPhone before data recovery.

When you realize that your iPhone SE is locked and all data becomes inaccessible, the first thing you should do is to perform data recovery for iPhone SE. In addition to restore locked iPhone SE data from previous iTunes or iCloud backup, you can use the data recovery for iPhone to retrieve any type of files such as video files, music, images, text message, audio files, emails, office files, etc from locked iPhone SE without iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

Recover Locked iPhone SE with iTunes

If you have ever used iTunes to sync your iPhone SE, you can use iTunes to recover a locked iPhone SE by following the steps below:

Step1. Connect the iPhone SE to the computer on which you have launched iTunes to sync your iPhone SE before. Make sure that the iTunes has been updated to the latest version and launch iTunes.
Step2. iTunes will automatically sync your iPhone SE after detecting the device so that it will create a backup for the iPhone SE.
Step3. When the syncing is finished, you can choose Restore from iTunes backup to restore the locked iPhone SE.
Step4. Select the most recent backup and restore it to the iPhone SE, after which you can access the iPhone SE normally without a password.

Pay attention:

iTunes might ask you to type a password when it begins to sync the locked iPhone SE. If so, you can keep reading and try the other two methods to recover a locked iPhone SE.

Restore Locked iPhone SE with iCloud

iCloud is another tool you can use to erase all data on your iPhone SE, so you can restore a locked iPhone SE with iCloud by following steps below:

Step1. Visit iCloud website on your computer. Then, log in iCloud with the Apple ID.
Step2. Click All Devices and then select the locked iPhone SE and then click Erase, after which it will erase all data and settings including the password on your iPhone SE.
After unlocking the iPhone SE with iCloud, you can restore data from the iPhone SE from iCloud backup or iTunes backup created before locking the iPhone SE.

Unlock a Locked iPhone SE by Recovery Mode

If you have never synced the iPhone SE or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud before the device got locked, you may unlock the locked iPhone SE by using Recovery Mode.

Step1. Turn off the locked iPhone SE. Then, press Home and Power button and plug the iPhone SE to your computer so that the iPhone SE will turn on automatically.
Step2. Release the Home button when it says "connect to iTunes" message.
Step3. When iTunes detect the iPhone SE, you can click OK and restore the device.

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