How to Recover iPhone Photos after Camera Roll Crash

How do you access photos from a crashed camera roll on iPhone? Imaging that you have stored thousands of pictures or even more on your iPhone camera roll, but without any warning the camera roll becomes crashed and prevents you from accessing any photo. What can you do to get back all inaccessible files? The solution is easy if you have backed up your iPhone, but the situation becomes terrible if you have not made any backup. If you are looking for a solution for iPhone corrupted camera roll photo recovery, data recovery for iPhone offers a good solution.

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Why Camera Roll Is Crashed on iPhone?

Usually, the camera roll stops working normally due to following possible reasons:

1. Camera roll is crashed after iPhone jailbreak

Many iPhone users like to jailbreak their device in order to download and install programs from other place. It seems like that it brings much inconvenience that Apple Inc. allows iPhone users only to install programs from its official App store, but it offers a safe environment for its users only gaining programs on office App store. People can download software from any resource after jailbreak iPhone, but many people find that their iPhone is easily corrupted or some applications stop working after jailbreak.

2. Camera roll is corrupted during iOS update failure

When a new iOS is released, many iPhone users like to update their iPhone to new iOS in order enjoy a better performance. However, they might meet problem after iOS update. Sometimes, camera roll is corrupted after iOS update because it is not compatible with the new iOS. Sometimes, it causes problem to iPhone in which situation camera roll is corrupted after iOS update failure.

Generally speaking, camera roll might stop working on your iPhone due to various kinds of reasons. If you do not want to lose the photos stored on the camera roll, you had better stop taking more pictures with your iPhone.

How to Fix Damaged Camera Roll on iPhone?

Usually, when you are not able to access pictures from camera roll on iPhone, the best solution for this problem is to restore your iPhone to factory settings. Usually, you can successfully resolve the issue after restoring your iPhone to factory settings, but all data will be lost due to factory resetting. Therefore, you had better backup your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud before restoring it to factory setting.

Photo Recovery from iPhone When Camera Roll Stops Working

As a matter of fact, when you cannot view images or take pictures on your iPhone since camera roll is corrupted, the first thing you should do is to restore all lost photos rather than fixing the corrupted camera roll. Whether you perform iPhone data recovery before restoring it to factory settings or when you just realize the problem, you can use following methods to restore lost photos or other data from iPhone:

1. You can restore iPhone from iCloud backup / iTunes backup. As long as you are an iPhone user, you should know how to backup your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud or restore iTunes / iCloud backup to your iPhone when you meet data loss problem.

2. If you do not have iTunes / iCloud backup or you fail to restore data from iPhone with backup due to any reason, you can use data recovery for iPhone to restore lost files. Data recovery for iPhone enables you to recover iPhone photos after camera roll crash or restore other types of files from iPhone. It supports all iPhone devices and other iOS device file recovery for corrupted camera roll photo recovery.

download data recovery for iphone Download data recovery for iPhone

Last updated on Aug 30, 2021

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