How to Recover iCloud Data after iOS 9.3 Update

Have you ever run into the situation in which you failed to restore iOS device from iCloud backup after iOS 9.3 updating? iCloud data usually refers to the backup data for your iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can restore iCloud backup data to the iOS device when you encounter any data loss problem on the device. However, iOS 9.3 update might cause some unexpected problem to iCloud, in which situation you are unable to find any iCloud backup data to restore it to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. In this situation, how can you recover lost files from iOS device? Is there any way to recover iCloud data lost after updating iOS 9.3?

Why Are You Unable to Restore iCloud Backup to iOS Device after iOS 9.3 Update?

In normal case, you can restore iPhone from iCloud backup or restore the iCloud backup to other iOS device like iPad, iPod touch by connecting the device to available WiFi. However, you may  be unable to transfer and restore the iCloud backup to iPhone SE, 6, 5, 4, iPod touch, iPad mini, etc in following situations:

  • You accidentally delete iCloud backup or erase all content and settings in iCloud during iOS 9.3 update.
  • iCloud was not completed when you run it to backup your iOS device since there is not enough free storage in iCloud, so you are unable to find the iCloud backup after updating to iOS 9.3.
  • iCloud backup data was corrupted or crashed during iOS 9.3 updating since you meet some problem in the process
  • The previous iCloud data was overwritten by new iCloud backup since you backed up your iPhone with iCloud again after iOS 9.3 update.

How to Recover iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch without iCloud Backup after iOS 9.3 Upgrade?

One possible reason why you want to recover iCloud data is that you lose some important files from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch after iOS 9.3 upgrading. If iCloud restore failed after iOS 9.3 upgrading, you may rely on other methods to recover deleted or lost text messages, contacts, WhatsApp messages & contacts, emails, Calendars, Reminders, etc without iCloud backup:

Method 1: You can retrieve files from iPhone or other iOS device with iTunes backup when there is no iCloud backup available. You can use this method only if you have backed up the iOS device with iTunes in advance before data loss.

Method 2: You can rely on data recovery for iPhone to free rescue data from iOS device without iCloud backup data. You can use this method when there is no backup data for iOS device recovery.

How to Recover iCloud Data after Updating iOS 9.3?

You still want to restore iCloud data lost after updating iOS 9.3? If there is no other backup, you have to use data recovery software to recover iCloud data. Data recovery for iPhone enables you to extract inaccessible files in iCloud or restore deleted iCloud data even after updating iOS 9.3. Therefore, you can run the data recovery for iPhone to scan the iCloud and get back previous lost iCloud data including photos, videos, audio files, office files, SMS messages, chatting history, etc.


1. You had better not back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iCloud again before retrieving the lost iCloud data. The new added iCloud backup might overwrite the previous lost iCloud data and make it unrecoverable.
2. You can download iCloud backup to PC before performing iOS 9.3 updating in order to avoid corrupting or deleting the iCloud data during iOS 9.3 update.

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