How to Recover Deleted Items in Microsoft Outlook 2013

How do you recover deleted items in Microsoft outlook 2013? It is usually quite easy to delete emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, etc in Microsoft outlook 2013, but you may meet following problem when you want to recover all deleted items:

  • "Recover Deleted Items" is grayed and does not work when you attempt to recover deleted data from "Deleted Items" folder
  • Cannot find deleted task folder in "Deleted Items" folder after deleting it by accident
  • Unable to recover Live Calendar since you are unable to see it in "Deleted Items" folder after shift deleting
  • All items has been permanently deleted after emptying "Deleted Items" folder

If you meet the similar problem, you may need data recovery software to recover everything you need in Microsoft outlook 2013.

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Why Recover Deleted Items Shows Grayed in Microsoft Outlook 2013?

Are you wondering why the "Recover Deleted Items" shows grayed when you attempt to recover what you need from the "Deleted Items" folder? If you meet this problem anytime you need to restore deleted pst emails, probably the problem occurs because you have not activated the registry. You have to activate the registry first of all before you can restore any deleted item in Microsoft outlook 2013.

If you do not know how to activate the registry, you can refer to this article: how to recover deleted items in Microsoft outlook 2000.

Why Cannot Find Deleted Messages in Deleted Items Folder?

Probably, you always think that all deleted messages, contacts, task and other items will be moved to the "Deleted Items" folder whether you perform deletion by mistake or on purpose. Therefore, you believe that you always have a chance  to recover deleted files from "Deleted Items"; folder. However, why cannot you find the deleted messages in "Deleted Items" folder sometimes?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. You click "Shift" + "Delete" instead of "Delete" option after selecting some files in Microsoft outlook 2013. It seems like that the deleted data does not go to recycle bin when you shift delete a file from Windows computer hard disk drive, the deleted items does not move to "Deleted Items" folder when you shift delete any information in Microsoft outlook 2013.

2. You accidentally empty the "Deleted Items" folder, because you completely believe that all items remain in this folder are unimportant.

3. All deleted items have been moved from "Deleted Items" folder because it only remains deleted files for 14 days by default.

How to Recover Deleted Items in Microsoft Outlook 2013?

From what mentioned above, you know that it is not possible to restore deleted items in "Deleted Items" folder sometimes. Then, how to recover deleted contacts, tasks, calendars, message in Microsoft outlook 2013 when you are unable to undelete pst emails in "Deleted Items" folder?

1. You can try to recover all deleted items from Microsoft exchange server. It usually remains the permanently deleted files for 30 days by default no matter why and how you delete files in Microsoft outlook 2013.

2. You can free download iCare Data Recovery Free to retrieve any deleted item in Microsoft outlook 2013 when even after shift deleting or permanently deleting. This free data recovery software is compatible with all Windows operating system, so you can install it on your computer and follow the guide below to undelete Microsoft outlook 2013 items after deleting:

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Step1. Free download and install the freeware on your computer. Launch the software and select a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the drive to scan and then you only need to wait patiently.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview files after scanning and then save the deleted items.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

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