How to Recover Deleted Files from iPad without Backup

How can you recover deleted itmes like photos, videos, contacts, etc from iPad when there is not any backup? iPad appeals to many staunchest clients. iPad is always a good choice no matter you want to use it listen to music, play games, watch movies or deal with documents, etc. However, it is a terrible experience if important data gets lost when you do not have time to backup it. Files could be lost from your iPad when you mistakenly deleted data. Or data got lost from iPad after deleting iTune backup files. Or iPad files were lost since it continuously looping recovery mode. Or you accidentally restore iPad device back to factory setting.
You just need data recovery for iPad for deleted file recovery from any iPad device like iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro and so on.

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Data Recovery for iPad without Backup

You can sync your iPad by iTunes on your computer, after which you can easily recover data from iPad from iTunes backup when any file gets lost. However, if you did not sync iPad or you mistakenly deleted files from iTunes backup, you are unable to perform data recovery for iPad with iTunes backup. It is not an easy work to recover iPad deleted or lost items without any backup unless you can use data recovery software for iPad device. Usually, you can perform iPad data recovery or iTunes backup data recovery with the software.

How to Extract iPad Deleted Items from iTunes Backup?

Many people like to use iPad due to its outstanding design. As a matter of fact, it is not a common situation to lose data on iPad device with the iTunes backup. Even if your iPad got stolen or physically damaged, you can easily restore your iPad from iTunes backup. Then, how can you extract iPad lost items like contacts, movies, images, calendar, etc from iTunes backup? Although you can sync your iPad to iTunes, you cannot access or view data from iTunes backup directly. In this situation, you need to extract all files from your iTunes backup on your iPad or computer.

How to Backup iPad to PC?

You have following choice to backup iPad to computer:
1. You can backup iPad to your computer with iTunes. You just need to connect your iPad to a computer that supports iTunes and then run the iTunes to backup the iPad to your computer.
2. You can also backup iPad to PC with iCloud. iCloud has the similar function to iTunes to help backup iPad. Compared with iTunes, iCloud allows you to backup iPad even if you cannot connect the iPad to your computer because there s no USB cable. You just connect your iPad to a WiFi network in order to sync it to iCloud.
3. You can also backup iPad to your computer by relying on some professional software.

Cannot Backup iPad to iTunes

It seems to be a serious problem for many iPad users when they are unable to backup iPad to iTunes. Data is easily lost without iTunes backup or iCloud backup. If you run into the problem that you cannot make an iTunes backup for your iPad, you should read the alert message carefully. Usually, you probably receive following message when you iPad backup in iTunes failed:

  • The backup session failed
  • An unknown error occurred
  • A Session cloud not be started
  • The iPad refused the request
  • The backup cloud not be saved on this computer

Sometimes, the reason why you cannot backup iPad to iTunes is quite easy. For example, you may fail to make iTunes backup because there is not enough free space on your computer. Whatever the reason is, you can try following methods to resolve the problem when you failed backup iPad in iTunes:

1. You can try to restart your iPad
2. You should make sure that the iTunes has been updated to the latest version.
3. After updating the iTunes to the latest version, you can connect the iPad to your computer through another USB port.
4. Check if you have run any antivirus software, which does not allow you to run any other program on your computer.
5. Check if there is enough free space on your computer and delete some unnecessary previous iTunes backup files.
6. Finally, you can try to backup your iPad in iTunes again.

About iPad

iPad is a tablet computers running iOS, which was developed by App Inc. in 2010. Similar to iPhone, iPad allows its users to browse websites, read e-books, play music or videos, play games, send and receive emails, take photos, etc. iPad is not compatible with PC desktop and notebook because it has ARM framework, you can use iPad to preview and edit office files and PDF files by relying on iOS third-party software.

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Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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