How to Recover Blackberry Phone Data after Factory Reset

Accidentally Factory Reset Blackberry 9650 Mobile. How to Recover Lost Data?

"Hi, there! I have a Blackberry 9650 cell phone for several years and accidentally factory reset it to wipe all mobile phone games, programs and files. And the inner used 16GB SanDisk Micro card is also completely wiped after that factory set restoring process. But, I merely follow these steps searched over the internet to remove phone black screen problems and never mean to factory it and erase everything inside. How to recover deleted Blackberry files after factory reset?"

Hello, friends! No matter whether you perform a factory reset on your Blackberry phone on purpose or not, some of your third-party phone software, games and tools may be already lost permanently. But, also do not panic! As long as the inner used Micro SD card is not rewritten, you still are possible to recover original data stored inside this cell phone memory card at the aid of phone SD Micro SD memory card data recovery software.

Your Cell Phone Apps, Games and Files on Internal Memory Are Wiped Completely

As one of many wonderful mobile phone functions, the related phone factory reset feature is designed for people to erase everything added on the phone internal memory directly, like the third-party apps, games, files and more data, with simple clicks so that people could easily fix some mobile phone problems, including some crashed phone app problems, phone frequently rebooting issues, phone virus infection problems and the likes. Hence, if you do have saved all your important phone data and apps on the phone internal memory, after a factory reset, they all would be wiped completely and often are not able to be retrieved, even when you do run the best data recovery software there. However, if you do have saved a part or even all of your Blackberry phone data on the inner used 16GB Micro SD card, also do not worry. Go install and launch phone memory card data recovery utilities to take recoverable files back.

Recover Lost BlackBerry Phone Files from Used Micro SD Card after Factory Reset

Even though your SanDisk Micro SD card now is showing noting on your phone or computer after that factory reset, your data saved inside this Blackberry storage card is not erased permanently. Merely connect this Blackberry mobile to your PC with a USB cable and run memory card file recovery software to recover files from Blackberry memory card.
No matter what happens, always act carefully, follow software guidance patiently and retrieve Micro SD card files as many as possible.

Please Note:

*Select reliable data recovery software with trial or free version which allows you to evaluate its efficiency before any purchase.
*Try all offered data recovery modes to get the lost data back as much as possible, if necessary.
*Save and back up the retrieved Blackberry photos, videos, apps, games and files on different memory cards or hard drives in case of data recovery failures.

Save BlackBerry Phone Data Backups before Restoring It to Its Factory Settings

In some cases, people are stuck in such Blackberry phone data loss troubles since they do restore their phone to factory settings accidentally or mistakenly without data backups prepared. Hence, if you do have to factory reset your phone to restore the common use of this mobile, also learn to firstly save Blackberry cell phone data backups well. Merely move all important apps and files saved on the phone internal memory to your used phone memory card and then, save at least a copy of these phone files to your backup external hard drives, flash drives or other storage devices well.

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