How to Recover and Backup iPod Touch without iTunes

Is it possible to restore and backup iPod touch without iTunes? Usually, it always reminds its users of iTunes when referring to iPod touch, with which they can sync iPod touch and backup data automatically. iTunes is available for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc to sync and backup data. However, somebody does not like to use iTunes to backup data because they feel it difficult to handle. You may lose data from iPod touch without iTunes due to reasons like mistaken deletion or formatting. Or you probably lose data after restore iPod touch to factory settings. If you want to recover files from iPod touch without iTunes backup, you need to rely on data recovery for iPod.

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Why Not Sync iPod Touch with iTunes?

Many people like to use iPod touch, but they do not like to use iTunes. In fact, iTunes is really a good application which allows iOS users to backup data automatically. However, some people find it difficult to set iTunes or sometimes it is not convenient. Here are some possible reasons why you do not like to sync your iPod touch with iTunes:

1. You need to connect your iPod touch to a computer if you want to sync it with iTunes. However, you may be unable to connect it to any computer because you are outside.

2. You may find it difficult to manage your iPod touch with iTunes when you save iPod data to different computers. The iTunes on each computer will always pop up message like do you want to erase this iPod and sync with this iTunes library when you connect your iPod touch to different computers.

3. Sometimes, you may find that you cannot install iTunes application on computer. In this situation, you are unable to sync your iPod touch with iTunes.

4. You may receive alert message saying there is not enough free space or some other similar message when you run iTunes to sync your iPod touch.
Anyway, you may not sync your iPod touch with iTunes due to various reasons. It will become difficult to get back files if any data got lost from your iPod touch without iTunes backup.

How to Backup iPod Touch without iTunes

If you want to backup iPod touch without iTunes, you can try following methods:

1. Connect iPod touch to your computer and copy all data from the iPod touch and save it to another device like computer’s hard disk drive or external hard drive, etc.

2. You can also backup iPod touch with iCloud, which provides easy and safe solution for data backup from iPod touch. Simply, you just need to click Settings =>> iCloud =>> Storage & Backup =>> click Backup now to sync your iPod touch with iCloud.

3. Today, along with the development of iOS devices, you can find some professional backup tools which are specially designed for iOS devices to backup data. Therefore, you can also install and run some professional backup tool to backup iPod touch without using iTunes.

Tip: You can also transfer music or other types of files from PC to iPod Touch without iTunes.

Restore iPod Touch without iTunes

1. Recover iPod Touch by Extracting iTunes Backup

Probably, you synced your iPod touch with iTunes, but iTunes backup got lost due to some reasons. You can recover iPod touch data by extracting files from iTunes backup. You can run data recovery for iPod which is able to deep scan the iTunes to search all lost files. Therefore, you can recover data from iPod touch by extracting data from iTunes backup after factory setting restore, upgrading iOS or even your iPod touch is stolen.

2. Recover data from iPod touch directly

If you did not sync your iPod touch with iTunes or iCloud, you can also use the data recovery for iPod to scan the iPod touch directly for searching lost files. You need to connect your iPod touch to a computer which is compatible with the device. You can use the software to retrieve any lost files including music, videos, pictures, etc from your iPod touch without causing any harm.

About iPod Touch

iPod touch is a type of handheld PC developed by Apple Inc. iPod touch runs iOS operating system, which allows users to play videos and music, play games, install and launch different applications, take photos and shoot videos and more. iPod touch has similar design to the iPhone, but it is much thinner than iPhone. The first-generation iPod touch was unveiled on September 5, 2007. When the first-generation iPod touch was on sale, many people found it a great device to use. Apple Inc. has launched iPod touch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and iPod touch 6 so far. iPod touch does not support to make call.

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