How to Fix System Ntoskrnl.exe Memory Leak and High CPU Usage of Windows 10

Computer Gets High Memory Usage by Ntoskrnl.exe System after Upgrading to Windows 10

Hello, friends! After updating your computer operating system from Windows XP, 7, 8 or lower version to Windows 10, you just your computer has got system ntoskrnl.exe memory leak and high CPU usage? Computer performance has slowed down extremely by such high memory usage by ntoskrnl.exe system? Really want to know the reasons behind such computer problems and also solutions to fix then easily? OK! No worry. Such high CPU usage problems after upgrading to Windows 10 happen to people occasionally due to many reasons. And fortunately, as long as you find the causes behind, such computer issues are also fixable. Hence, go on reading this article to see how you can remove such PC system ntoskrnl.exe memory leak problems:

How to Fix Computer System Ntoskrnl.exe Memory Leak Problem?

The system ntoskrnl.exe, as one of the essential files for all versions of Windows operating systems, plays a really important role in helping people boot computer up smoothly and quickly. However, every coin gets two sides and this system ntoskrnl.exe file also is no exception. In some cases, it also brings people many troublesome problems. And, in your situations, when you are stuck in too high memory usage problems caused by such system ntoskrnl.exe files, there is also no need to worry too much, for you do get practical solutions to resolve such problems out from your computer and speed it up. And here are the major methods for you to go on:

Method 1: Start Antivirus Software to Remove All Possible Viruses and Malware

On the one hand, such ntoskrnl.exe files contribute a lot in helping people start Windows computers up successfully. However, on the other hand, once it is attacked by some viruses and Malware, like some Trojan viruses, it also leads to some unexpected computer error problems or unworkable programs problems, etc, especially your high memory usage problems. Hence, when such ntoskrnl.exe file problem comes to you, firstly start your antivirus software to remove all possible viruses and Malware to take chances.
After getting rid of all vicious viruses or threats, what you are supposed to do is only to download another safe ntoskrnl.exe file from a professional software downloading site and install it on your computer well. And then, boot up your computer as before.

Method2. Update Your Computer Hardware Drivers

In daily use, after Windows 10 updating, such ntoskrnl.exe memory leak issues are really possible to be caused by outdated or faulty computer drivers. Honestly, many users that have ever experienced exactly the same computer high CPU usage problem find that their PC hardware drivers have not been updated for a really long time or have been corrupted or unworkable somehow. So, after cleaning your computer with antivirus software, you have the same system ntoskrnl.exe memory leak problems still, you can go try to update your computer drives to take chances. And what you are supposed to do is only to download the latest driver from the official sites and install them all well on your PC carefully.
Of course, also remember to update these drivers timely in the future.

Method3. Reset Your PC to Disable Runtime Broker

Honestly, your high CPU usage problems may be merely caused by Runtime Broker instead of your guessed ntoskrnl.exe files after updating to Windows 10. The Runtime Broker, as another system processes running on your PC, often occupies a really large amount of computer resources. That’s probably why your PC usage is too high. And in order to remove such too high CPU usage issues, merely to reset your computer to disable this Runtime Broker as below:

Step1. Open computer System Windows by clicking Start to hit Setting option there.
Step2. Click Notifications & Actions option there.
Step3. Remove the mark before Show me tips about Windows option there.
Step4. Restart your computer.

Method5. Extend Your Computer Memory

Of course, such computer high CPU usage of Windows 10 problem is also able to be aroused by low disk space problems. Hence, to get rid of such problems, what you are supposed to do is only to extend your PC memory, especially expanding the system partition or main partition space like this:
1). Resize your computer partitions to expand your C drive or system partition space.
To extend your C drive or system partition space, you can easily resize your partitions by adding free space from the rest partitions to your main or system partition. And in such cases, some partition resizing tools could be your good solutions.
2). Add more computer hard drives or RAM.
Of course, if necessary, you can also straightly add more new hard drives or RAM to this computer to extend its free space. And, it may also cost a lot. So, you’d better choose one, two or more ones according to your own conditions.

What You Should Pay Attention While Fixing Such High CPU Usage Probably Caused by ntoskrnl.exe system?

In case of some worse or else computer problems, like data loss troubles, you’d better also remember the below tips in mind well:
1). Save essential computer data backups on two or more storage devices well at first.
No matter which method mentioned above is useful for you, always save every important computer files and folders to two or more storage devices well at first. No matter what happens, data backups should be saved elsewhere well.
2). Data recovery software helps recover deleted or lost data after cleaning viruses or resizing partition space
When you do clean all possible viruses and also delete many important computer documents, videos, mails, pictures and more files, deleted file recovery software is what you are looking for to rescue deleted files back. When you resize your computer partition improperly and cause computer partition data loss troubles, partition recovery utilities are also helpful. And when you mistakenly format computer hard drive, format recovery programs are also able to take lost information back. Hence, always try every possible solution to recover deleted or lost information when data loss troubles really happen in resolving such high memory usage by ntoskrnl.exe system issues.
3). Download and install Windows 10 updates timely in the future
To avoid such high CPU usage problems, hope you can learn a lesson to download and install Windows 10 updates timely whatever happens again in the future.

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