How to Fix Game Crash Error

Game Crashes on Startup

"Hello, I have Windows 10 dell computer and recently downloaded a new game from a Windows 10 app markets. However, after installing it on this PC, every time when I try to click and run this game, it will hang on for several seconds and then, straightly turn back to the computer desktop. And then, nothing will happen. The game just crashes on startup. In order to resolve such game startup crashing issues, I do have tried to turn off and reboot the computerto have another try. But, get the same problem and the game could not be opened and used. Do you have any idea to fix this game crashing on startup error so that I can play the game smoothly? Thank you very much!"

Game Crashes Suddenly while it is in Use

"Hello, I have crashing problems with my computer game. Honestly, everything just goes well at first. However, recently, while I was playing a game on my Windows 7 PC, it often freezes suddenly and closes itself unexpectedly. Restart and play it again for a while, the same game crash error also occurs again. And, I don’t think I have done something wrong or got virus attack issues (since my AVG antivirus software never gives warning message). Do you have any idea about what is going on there? Please help me resolve this problem when computer game crashes suddenly while in use. Thanks a lot!"

Why PC Game Will Delay, Freeze, Crash or Close?

Hello, friends! Your computer game also crashes or closes unexpectedly on startup or while it is still in use? Really want to the fix the game crash errors and also play it freely as before? OK! No worry! The related game crash error issues happen to different game users due to the game problems, computer issues and even computer hard drive issues, etc. And, here are some common causes behind such game crashing problems for you: 

1). Game is Incompatible with your PC
Have you used the same game on another computer before downloading it to your present PC? Have you checked the compatibility of this game before downloading it to your computer? Or does it run well on your Windows PC before such game crashing error comes to you? Honestly, if you do have not tried it on any other computer before, the related game error could occur only because the game is incompatible with your PC. Just go re-download a compatible one to take chances. 

2). Game is virus infected
The newly downloaded or already installed games are both possible to be virus infected and bring the users the related game crashing, hanging and freezing up issues. Hence, go start an antivirus scan there.

3). Game conflicts with other apps  
Have you ever considered whether your used game with such sudden crashing error conflict with other apps installed on the same computer, like some similar games designed by different companies. In these days, many users, who have used similar programs and games on the same PC, complaint that they do have ever encountered the similar conflicting problems, cannot run the game or app as before and have to remove some of them to fix the issue.

4). Game is outdated or corrupted, or gets fatal bugs
The same game just goes well before and only gets crashed frequently in recent days? If it is exactly your case, OK, it is possible that your game is outdated or corrupted. Of course, if it crashes occasionally from the beginning, it is possible to be designed with fatal bugs. 

5). Too high CPU usage
Have you checked how many games, apps or websites you do have used while your game closes suddenly? Or how long have you used the computer before the same game error comes to you? Actually, in such cases, the game crash error also happens possibly because of too high CPU usage or overheated PC problems.

6). Computer hard drive issues
Generally, not only the game, but also any computer app applied on your PC are able to get crashed unexpectedly when your computer get no enough free space to support a large game or program or when your hard drive get damaged due to bad sectors or the like hard drive problems.
Overall, no matter which one, two or more causes are possible for your cases, hope you will find the right solution to resolve them successfully.

How to Fix Such Game Crash Error Problems

No matter why you get such game crash error issues, here are some suggestions for you to fix:

1). Reboot your PC
If your computer game just gets such crashing errors due to too high usage, overheated computer or the like reasons, a simple rebooting is all you need to fix everything completely. Hence, when you are stuck in such game issues, go reboot your PC to take chances at first.

2). Download and install the latest updates of the game
When you encounter the related game error after you do have played it for some time, you can try to check the game updates on its official site. And then, download and install the latest updates to keep it functional as before. If you the updates also cannot resolve the crashing issues, also go reinstall it to see whether it could work well again.

3). Clean computer virus and spyware
If the newly downloaded game just crashes on the startup and also bring some unworkable shortcut files and folder problems, your computer are really possible to be virus attacked. Just start or download effectively antivirus software to clean up all computer viruses and spyware.

4). Remove conflicted apps
When the game with errors is really in conflict with other utilities, go remove the conflicted apps to take chances. 

5). Extend or add computer space
If you do encounter the related crashing issues every time when you try to run a large game/ program or open too many sites, tools or apps at the same time, your computer must get no enough space. Merely try to delete hard drive files to free up more space, extend computer C drive space or straightly add more hard disks to enlarge computer space.  

5). Check and fix computer hard drive problems
Also take the chances to launch CHKDSK to see whether your computer hard drive is still in good state after you do have save data backups well. If there is any problem scanned, go fix it quickly to avoid any unwanted issues.  

6). Download another compatible game
When you do have downloaded and tried to open up an incompatible game, merely go another compatible one instead.

7). Contact game support center
Of course, if you are sure these game crashing problems are surely caused by the game problems, go contact and consult the game support center.
In conclusion, always select the solutions to fix your game crash error problems according to your own circumstances and needs.

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