How to Fix Error 80240020 While Installing Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 10 Upgrade Error 80240020 Problems

Hello, after downloading Windows 10 to your PC and attempting to free upgrade your PC operating system, merely find you just cannot complete the installing process due to the error 80240020 problem? Even when you do have done a fresh installation of your original Windows OS, you still get the same computer Windows 10 upgrade error? OK! No worry! Many Windows OS users outside, like you, do have encountered such computer error80240020 issues since the Windows 10 OS installation needs user interactions. However, if you merely want to remove such computer Windows installation errors without any user interacting and upgrade your Windows 10 smoothly, you really comes to the right place. And merely go on reading this article to get your answers here.

Why Such Windows 10 Upgrade Error Comes to You?

According to the answers from the Microsoft, in order to receive more feedbacks from users to improve its Windows 10 updates and let them have a more pleasant experience, the current Windows 10 free updates are only sent to a portion of the Windows 10 users. Before the users who have received the free upgrade notifications are allowed to click "Start" button to install the Windows 10 updates after downloading, they are often asked to accomplish a user interaction. If they directly skip that, they will finally get the computer Windows 10 upgrade error 80240020 error. Hence, in this aspect, you do have no need to blame yourself or your computer since it is not a problem caused by your wrong operation or damaged computer issues. But, that doesn't mean that you have no way to remove such computer error problems to upgrade your Windows 10 successfully.

How to Fix Error 80240020 Problems while Upgrading Windows 10?

No matter whether you have received the Windows 10 free upgrade message or not, there are solutions for you to upgrade your Windows 10 smoothly without such compute error 80240020 issues.
And here are simple steps for you to follow:

Step1. Boot up your computer and open computer Run tool.

Step2. Type in "regedit" and click "OK" button there.

Step3. Open "OSUpgrade" folder like this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SOFTWARE => Microsoft => Windows => CurrentVersion => WindowsUpdate =>OSUpgrade.

Step4. Create a new DWORD value file named "AllowOSUpgrade" on the right side.

Step5. Double click the newly created files and change its value from "0"to "1".

Step6. Restart your PC and go install your Window 10 free upgrade smoothly.

In this way, you often can successfully upgrade your Windows 10 OS. Of course, if you do have some corrupted Windows OS problems, damaged computer hard drive problems or virus infected error problems, the upgrading processes also are able to be stopped by some error messages. Go check them carefully and find the solutions to fix everything.

Also Pay Attention:

1). Save all important computer information to other storage devices well before Windows 10 Upgrade

No matter what type of error problems you do have encountered while upgrading your Windows 10, like error error80240020 or computer error C1900101-20017, always never forget to save everything crucial or precious to several storage devices for backing up. Except some common data backup storage devices, including USB hard drives, thumb drives, DVDs, SSD and more, the online storage also could be your choices. Overall, let put all eggs in only one basket.

2). Wait for the Windows 10 free upgrade notification patiently.

People get such Windows 10 free upgrade error80240020 problems since the installation requires user interactions. If you really do have received no upgrade notifications, just wait patiently till the Microsoft has get a more mature update editions and allows everyone to use. That will not be too long.

3). Recover lost computer data with data recovery software after Windows 10 Upgrade

Find your very important computer hard drive information lost during Windows 10 free upgrading? Or find computer get error problems due to damaged computer hard drive, virus infection or more while installing Windows 10 free upgrade? Really need take computer files back? OK! No panic! Computer data recovery software helps you recover deleted, lost or missing PC files, audios, videos and more contents back. When you are really stopped the Windows upgrading process due to corrupted hard drive issues, go use corrupted hard drive data recovery programs. If you have encountered similar Windows installing problems due to virus infection, go restore missing files and folders after virus attack with reliable data recovery tools searched online. Of course, when you delete something useful, also go undelete files with the help of related deleted file recovery utilities. Hope you can smoothly get all your preferable original computer files back with ease.

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