How to Fix Computer Script Error Problems?

Computer Says There Is a Script Error?

"Hello, when I was trying to open some unfamiliar websites with my Internet explorer last night, a script error message came up and stopped what I wanted to do. What does that script error mean? What should I do about such Internet Explorer script error problems? Thank you for any useful clue here!"

Hello, friends! People do get computer script errors when they are surfing the internet or trying to visit a specific website. You are not the only one that is stuck in related computer issues. So, do not worry and go read this article to know more detailed and reasons and solutions of these computer script errors.

What Are Computer Script Errors Problems?

The computer web script is only a series of website commands that have been written in a specific format and can be executed to help reduce the website size, increase the speed of web browsing and also enrich the websites with sounds, animations and the likes. Overall, in this aspect, it is really useful for people to browse and enjoy a wonderful website. However, like the website security certificates, the website scripts also will be verified by your web browser, like the widely-used Internet explorer, before you really open it. And if the scripts of your desired websites are safe and also not damaged, deleted or corrupted, your internet explorer often will let you visit it smoothly as quickly as possible. However, once there is something wrong detected, the computer website browser will give an error message and warn you immediately. Before you fix this error problem, that error message often will not be disabled. That is exactly the computer script error problems.

Why You Encounter Such Computer Error Problems?

Generally, the computer website browser, especially the internet explorer, often gives such script error messages due to three reasons as below:

1). Website script does have been written with problems or bugs.
In these days, as with the fast development of internet technologies, many diversified websites from different aspects could be easily published and shared on the internet every day. However, nobody can make sure all of these posted websites are designed with correct or even perfect website scripts, right. Therefore, once the scripts of your wanted websites are written with problems or bugs, you do get a high chance to rescie such script error messages before visiting, right?

2). Website scripts are incorrect or blocked by your internet Explorer.  
The web browser, like your Internet Explorer, often has been set with different security levels to verify the website scripts. And when the security level of your browser is set too high, many sites would be blocked and computer will tell you there is a script error or you do have get a wrong website script.

3). Website scripts are damaged, deleted or corrupted somehow.
After being shared and verified over again and again on the internet, the scripts of many website scripts are also possible to be deleted, damaged or corrupted over the time. That also is able to be one of the reasons why you are stuck in such script error troubles.

How to Fix Computer Script Error Problems on Your PC?

No matter why and how you get such PC script error problems, you do have three methods to help you remove such troublesome script error problems. Go check them one by one and fix them for your PC:

1). Stop visiting some unsafe websites with damaged or incorrect scripts.
As a useful method to keep your computer away from any dangerous element, the computer security settings are necessary to be executed. If these websites that bring you script error messages really seem to be unsafe, you’d better immediately stop visiting them right now in case of messing everything up.

2). Reset your security level to remove the script error messages. 
If your script error messages really pop out since the security level of your computer web browser is set too high, go adjust it like this:

Step1. Open "Internet Options" Windows like this: open Internet Explorer=> Tools => Internet Options.

Step2. Click "Security" tab to choose "Default Level".

Step3. Press "OK" and go see whether your desired sites could be opened after restart this website browser.

Of course, if you also cannot open these websites due to script errors after resetting these options, you can also go close the script security function. What you are supposed to do is only to disable the three options under the Scripting sections, including "Active scripting", "Allow Paste operation via script" and "Scripting of Java applets", after clicking "Custom Level", not "Default Level" in Security tab.

3). Restore damaged website script with command prompts.
When the scripts of your visited websites are damaged or corrupted, you also can go to restore these scripts with some command prompts as bellow:

Step1. Type "CMD" into the blank of your "Run" tool after clicking "Start" button on the left corner of desktop.

Step2. Type in "regsvr32 jscripq.dll" and press "Enter" button.

Step3. Type in "regsvr32 vbcripq.dll" and press "Enter" button.

And then, reopen your internet explorer to check again. 
To sum up, if all of these methods make no difference, you’d give up visiting these websites and also make computer hard disk data backups well.

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