How to Fix Computer Low Virtual Memory Problem?

Windows Computer Virtual Memory Is Too Low?

"Hello, recently my Windows 7 computer says it is very low in virtual memory. What am I supposed to do now to fix the computer low virtual memory problems? Any useful suggestion will be highly appreciated here! Thanks!"

Hello, friends there! A lack of virtual memory can happens to people due to many reasons, like low computer memory, virus attacking, unreasonable virtual memory settings and more. In your case, you'd better find the actual reasons behind your low computer virtual memory problems and go see what you can do to fix such issues. Merely keep on reading this article and know more useful clues and solutions here:

What Are Computer Low Virtual Memory Problems?

Generally, in comparison with the actual memory which is only some computer storage space provided through some common internal/external hard disks, RAM, flash drives, CDs and DVDs, etc, the virtual memory is only a computer memory management technique that can combine the storage space that locates both on the internal and external storage devices of your PC. When your computer RAM or other storage devices runs low, it can help you find some temporary space, often some physical memory fragments of your internal and external devices, to store your  desired data as soon as possible. However, in daily use, once the virtual memory of your computer is set too low, you will also encounter low virtual memory problems. That’s exactly one of the reasons why you receive such low virtual memory error warnings.

Why Such Computer Low Virtual Memory Problems Occur?

Generally speaking, such low computer virtual memory problems could occur to people due to various reasons, like:
1). Low computer memory.
As the most common reasons behind computer low virtual memory problems, the low computer memory problems make people more possible to get such low virtual memory issues. Why? The virtual memory also comes from the computer actual memory. When the computer storage space runs low, the virtual memory will also becomes low sooner or latter, right? Overall, when your computer is running out of space, the virtual memory does not help fix the low memory issues forever.

2).The virtual memory of your computer is set too low.
Such low virtual memory error warning messages also could pop out since you do have set too low level of virtual memory for your PC. In fact, even with enough free computer memory, people also could use the virtual memory to store data while using computer to surf internet, edit documents, and enjoy videos, etc. However, when there is too much data while it is working, but, the virtual memory is too low for processing all related data, you also will get stuck in such low virtual memory troubles. 

3). Virus effects.
In daily use, when some potential viruses take effects, they will not only damage computer files and folders, sometime and also occupy a large amount of computer space without reasons. Hence, your low virtual memory problems also could be caused by virus attacking.

4). You do have no right to access system virtual memory.
The rights of computer users are limited sometimes due to the right setting of computer administers. Therefore, you’d better log in with your administer account and go see whether there is any difference with this low virtual memory error issue.

What to Do When Computer Low Virtual Memory Issue Come to You?

Really want to do something to increase the virtual memory of your computer? OK! Here are some solutions for you to remove related low virtual memory issues:

1). Increase computer virtual memory by changing computer virtual memory settings.
Generally, when you do have received low virtual memory warning message, the first thing you are supposed to do is to open your virtual memory setting interface and increase the virtual memory like this:

Step1. Open computer "System Properties" by right clicking "My Computer" to choose "properties".

Step2. Click "Advanced" tab and press "setting" button under "Performance" section.

Step3. Choose "Advanced" tab again and click "Change" button.

Step4. Change the virtual memory capacity there according to your needs. And then, press "OK" button to apply your changes.

Please Note: Even though the resetting process has no any possibility to permanently delete Windows computer files or lose important computer information in theory, in case of some unexpected accidents, back up all your essential computer data well on your backup drives or devices well at first.  

2). Extend entire computer memory.
Though the computer virtual memory can help detect and apply some unused space fragments of your computer storage devices when your computer memory runs low, it also cannot help you completely remove such computer low memory problems. Once there is no free space found from your computer storage devices, the virtual memory will also fix nothing. Therefore, in such cases, the best thing for you is to extend entire computer memory, right? What you are supposed to do is often to add another internal hard disk/external hard disk/external storage device or merely change a larger internal hard disk to instead the original one. Of course, if it is possible, also add RAM or RAID for your PC to enlarge the computer memory.

Please Note:
*Prepare computer data backups well before you do anything to extend your PC space.
*Without extra storage devices, also move some unused information to another drives or online storage to free up more computer memory. 

3). Clean all viruses or threats hidden on your PC.
Your computer memory becomes very low suddenly or after you do have downloaded and installed a program, game or other applications? Your computer low virtual memory issues could be caused by viruses. Merely clean all possible viruses or threats hidden on your PC with the installed antivirus software. Just perform a deeply antivirus scanning process there and go see how many files and folder should be removed. Of course, if necessary, also format your computer to remove all possible dangerous elements completely.

Please Note:
* After cleaning up your computer, you can use computer data recovery software to recover desired computer data.
* After computer hard disk format, there is also special formatted hard disk data recovery software to help you take original files back.

Read More Information about Computer Data Recovery:

Have accidentally formatted your external hard disk without data backups? Have lost important memory card photos due to SD memory card RAW file system? Or have dropped computer external hard disk and get disk not formatted error message? Never panic! Immediately disconnect this SD memory card or external hard disk out from your PC and keep put nothing else inside this storage device. Only in this way, you will cause no farther data loss troubles before performing any data recovery process. And then, select and run proper data recovery software well on your PC to scan this storage device with data loss troubles. And at last, go see how many original device files could be restored with that data recovery software. Of course, in case of encountering such data loss troubles again, also save data backups on different drives or locations all the time in the future.

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