How to Fix Computer IE Illegal Operation Error

Computer Internet Explorer Browser Reports an Illegal Operation Error?

"Hello, recently while browsing websites online with computer internet explorer, an illegal operation frequently appears and asks to close everything. However, when you clicking Details button followed, a series of unknown data and numbers will be displayed. And when you choose to press OK button beside, you will also close all opened old Windows there. It is really annoying! Is there anything I can do now to remove this explorer illegal operation error problem forever? Thanks for any advice here!"

Hello, have you tried to close all opened websites and see whether such illegal error messages come again? Do you know why such error messages happen to computer users? If not, no worry! Read more details here and know what you can do now to cope with such computer IE illegal operation error issues.

Why Computer Explorer Illegal Operation Error Messages Keep Pooping Out?

Want to know why your computer internet Explorer would give you such illegal operation error messages while you are trying to visit some websites? Really need remove such error problem permanently? OK! You come to the right place. Before you take any measure you want to resolve such error problems, you are supposed to read and learn more reasons behind such explorer illegal operation issues, like:

1). Open too many websites or programs at the same time.
No matter how advanced your used internet explorer browser is, it often has a limitation in website visiting. The more you open desired websites at the same time, the more time the internet explorer will costs to display them well. In other words, once you do open too many websites at one time, the more possibly you will encounter such illegal operation error warning. Therefore, it is really important to get a good habit to close old useless websites timely while opening new ones.

2).The security level of your computer IE browser doesn’t match the browsed websites.
In order to avoid visiting some suspicious websites and causes virus infection issues for your PC while browsing the internet, the IE browser does allows users to adjust the security level according to different needs. However, the too high security level of your IE also will stop many safe websites and gives you such computer explorer illegal operation error problems. Therefore, always set your IE security level at a proper standard. 

3).The browsed websites do have problems, like wrong codes or fatal bugs, etc.
Excluding the improper security level of your computer explorer, you also can receive such computer explorer illegal operation error messages when your visiting websites do have serous problems, like some wrong codes or fatal bugs. In fact, in order to let people browse some online website safely and smoothly, the IE explorer often will automatically check the details and properties of the selected websites before opening. And, how many elements of these chosen websites will be checked often also depends on the security level you’ve set for your internet explorer. Therefore, when your website really gets problem, it will also not be able to pass the IE checking. Needlessly to say you can smoothly access them.
Overall, no matter what your reason behind this illegal operation error, learn to check the mentioned elements of your internet explorer to avoid worse troubles.

How to Fix Computer Explorer Illegal Operation Error Problems?

As with different reasons behind such explorer illegal operation error issues, you often will have different solution to fix. Want to know what you can do now to remove this illegal operation error problem successfully? Well. Here are several methods related that you can follow to take chances:

1). Refresh that specific website.
Such computer explorer illegal operation error problem also happens to people since there are some temporary IE issues, not some actual issues mentioned above. Hence, when this happens to you really, merely refresh or reload the website that brings you such illegal operation error message and see whether it could be displayed well as you wish. If not, do not worry, there do other methods that you can go on trying.
Please Note: To fresh your websites, also click F5 button on the top section of your keyboard.

2). Close all unnecessary websites that have opened.
You’ve opened nearly tens of websites with IE browser while the similar illegal operation error messages pop out? OK! It is not so easy for IE browser to open websites while there are already nearly many websites opened. Hence, go quickly close all undesired old website Windows. And then, check whether you will receive the same error warning message while visiting the same website.

3). Lower computer IE security level.
When such computer illegal operation error issues really are aroused by improper security level, you are supposed to lower the security level of your computer IE.
Here is what you should do:
Step1. Double click IE browser to open Internet Operation window under Tools tab options.
Step2. Click Security tab and press Custom Level button to adjust the explorer setting based on your own needs.
Of course, if you also do not know which elements listed there should be disabled or enables, merely click the Default Level instead.
Step3. Press OK button to apply all chances.
And then, restart your IE and see whether these settings make a difference.

3). Never open such websites with code errors, fatal bugs or other problems.
If you do also get the same illegal operation error messages while you try to visit the same website on other computers or machines. These websites must have some suspicious problems, like code errors, fatal bugs and more. Do not try to open these websites again. Perhaps when you forcedly open these websites anyhow at last, you may also get more troubles, like virus-infection troubles.

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