How to Fix Computer Error Loading Operating System Problem?

Error Loading Operating System Error Shows on Computer Screen during Booting?

"Hello, experts there! Recently, whenever I try to boot my Samsung laptop, an "error loading operating system" message would show on the computer screen after the computer is powered on. Though it doesn't stop the PC setup process, I also worry about whether there is something wrong with my computer. What do you know about such error loading operating system problem? How to fix this computer error problem with ease? Thanks for any suggestion here!"

Hey, friends! No worry! Such computer error loading operating system error occurs to PC owners when the computer loads its operating system improperly due to some hard disk issues, damaged computer operating system files/folders, wrong computer hard disk MBR (Main Bootable Record) information and more. Go find your actual reasons behind this computer error and try solutions listed below to remove this computer error loading operating system issues.

Error Loading Operating System Problem Happens in Below Situations:

This computer error loading operating system often happens with a black screen under such circumstances:
1). It often happens to people after installing or reinstalling the PC operating system.
2). It often happens to people when they try to restart the PC after sudden power loss, power surge or computer crash.
3). It often happens to people when their computer is seriously damaged or attacked by viruses or the likes.
4). It often happens to people when the computer hard disk is not partitioned properly.
Sound anyone of them is familiar with you? If not, also do not feel depressing. Go check the below possible reasons behind such computer error loading operating system error problems.

Why People Encounter Such Computer Error Loading Operating System Problem?

As we’ve mentioned above, these computer error loading operating system problems occurs when the computer operating system doesn’t load correctly as usual. Which element on earth makes your computer operating system runs improperly? Have no idea? OK! Never panic! Here are possible reasons why your computer gets such error problems for you:

1). Computer hard disk failures
No matter what versions of Windows operating system you are using on your PC, such computer error loading operating system issues are often able to be caused by computer hard disk failures. Why? When people are trying to boot the desired PC, the computer often need to read the operating system information stored on the plugged computer hard disk and set up the computer smoothly at last. However, when the hard disk is damaged somehow or the sections that hold much important operating system data are filled with bad sectors or physically corrupted, the computer often will not be able to recognize the desired operating system information and make the computer operating system load unsuccessfully.

2). Computer hard disk MBR information is not right.
The common computer operating system loading during booting also is able to be negatively affectedly or stopped by the wrong hard disk MBR information which often can lead the PC to find and read the needed data from the actual hard disk sections within seconds. However, once the hard disk MBR information becomes incorrect, the chances of error loading the computer operating system also will be increased.

3). Computer operating system gets problems. 
Except some hard disk problems that can put negative impacts on the common loading of your PC operating system, the problems that comes from the PC operating system, like some damaged boot files or configuration files of your computer OS, also can lead to computer error loading operating system problems.

4). Set PC hard disks incorrectly when there are multiple hard disks used on the same computer.
Have set the master drives out from other slave drives when you do have connected two or more hard disks on the same computer? It is always necessary to point out the primary hard disk (that is used to store important operating system, applications or more) from the other extra drives so that the computer could automatically recognize the drive with operating system and load the computer operating system.

5). Computer hard disk is not properly partitioned.
The improperly partitioned hard disk also will affect the PC operating system loading in daily use.

How to Fix Everything When Computer Gets Error Loading Operating System Problems?

No matter what makes your computer pop out that error loading operating system error, here are several methods for you to remove such computer error problems with ease. Just choose them to fix everything according to your computer situations:
1). Check whether your PC hard disk is recognized well there.
No matter whether your computer error loading operating system issues are caused by hard disk failures or not, check the hard disk state right now. Go try to access the files inside and see whether you’ve get some drive not formatted error or the related inaccessible drive errors that can stop your farther data use. And then, go open Disk Management and check whether it is shown normally there. Hope the file system of your internal hard disk is not changed into RAW. And then, go run CHKDSK scanning on this hard disk to see whether it has got too many bad sectors or other physical damages. If you get no uncommon result after all these checks, your hard disk must be in good state. And then, exclude this point and go on check the other ways.

2). Restore the MBR information of your computer hard disk.
When the MBR information of your computer hard disk is shown incorrectly, the most practical or workable way for you to remove this operating system loading error issues is to restore the MBR information back. Therefore, no matter what you are doing before, immediately stop it and search for right steps to restore the drive MBR information. In these days, since different versions of operating system often have different ways to allow people restore the hard disk MBR information, you’d better check the present Windows version of your PC at first and go read the related articles/threads to go on.
And then, go reboot your computer and see whether this PC operating system loading error occurs again or not.

3). Go check or reinstall your PC operating system.
The damaged or lost computer operating system also makes your PC system loading improperly. Hence, to restore the common use of your computer, go check the computer operating system files and folders to see whether some important or dispensable ones are deleted or damaged. If the operating system files and folders are damaged seriously, reinstalling the computer OS also could be a good way to go on. Merely choose your solutions based on your own conditions.

4). Reset or correct the hard disk boot consequences.
Find your computer hard disk boot consequence is set incorrectly or you have not set the boot consequence for your multiple hard disks yet? OK! It is not too late to reset or correct the hard disk boot consequence right now. Remember to set the hard disk with operating system loaded as the first one in the boot storage device list.

5). Restore PC to factory setting.
When you left no important data on the computer hard disk or other storage devices inserted now, you also can restore your PC to the factory setting and see whether you can go on using it functionally as before. But, if you do have severed much important computer data there, it is not so proper for you to immediately restore it back factory setting. At least, it is not so right before you extract the PC data out and back it all up well on other PCs, external drives or storage devices.

6). Contact PC repairing shops or agencies
Of course, if you don’t want to do anything to messing everything up or get no satisfying results after trying all above mentioned solutions, you’d better contact the PC repairing shops or agencies to see whether your error loading operating system error is possible to be fixed or removed. Also take enough with you when you decide to ask some experts or professional persons for help.

Learn to Avoid More Related Computer Problems Like This:

1). Go back up the important hard disk data before any drive check, computer operating system reinstalling or restoring it to factory setting.
The computer hard disk is often used to save very important or valuable files, songs, videos and the like information. Before doing any drive check, reinstalling computer operating system or restoring the PC to factory setting, in case of erasing non-backed-up drive data unexpectedly, go back up the useful data on other storage devices well at first.

2). Go try to recover computer data with hard disk file recovery software.
No matter whether you’ve created computer data backups elsewhere, you are able to scan the desired computer hard disk or external hard disk and recover drive data with file recovery software after deleting or losing computer data due to improper OS loading, reinstalling, hard disk format, hard disk overwriting or the likes.

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