How to Fix Computer 502 Bad Gateway Problem

How Do You Know about Computer 502 Bad Gateway Error? How to Fix It?

"Hello, everybody there! How do you know about computer 502 bad gateway error problem? Recently, I just frequently get such bad gateway 502 error messages while using IE browser to viewing some websites. Is that really serious computer problems? What on earth causes such error problems to my PC? What can I do now to remove similar bad gateway 502 error problems? Thanks a lot!"

Hello, such computer 502 bad gateway error messages often pop out when there are some difficulties in connecting computer internet severs. But, that doesn't indicate your computer internet connection or computer internet server connection is corrupted completely. Honestly, in such cases, with several simple clicks, you can also restore the common use of your PC and go visit desired sites smoothly. Just go read more detailed information here.

Why 502 Bad Gateway Error Comes to You?

The computer 502 bad gateway error problems often comes to people when there are some network errors between computer and internet severs. However, it is also not the only one cause that can bring people such bad gateway problems. Go read more related reasons behind such bad gateway error issues and see what you can do with them:

1).The connection to sever times out.
Generally, when computer users click a specific website to open, the computer often will automatically send a connection request to the internet server and download the needed data from the internet sever to the computer local hard disk when the computer internet sever accepts the connection requests. And then, the computer will read the downloaded data and display it on the computer screen so that we can visibly see it all. However, when there are too many connection requests send to the computer internet servers, the latter coming connection requests often have to wait till the former coming connection requests are accepted. Once the connection request waits too long there, there will be a 502 bad gateway error messages to notify the computer users there are some connection errors. Hence, such bad gateway problems often come to people since the connection to server times out.

2).The computer hard disk is out of space.
As you've read above, in order to open a website, except the server connection, the enough local hard disk space to hold the downloaded sever data is also important. When your computer hard disk is out of space and cannot offer enough free space, the computer bad gateway 502 problem also happens to you.

Of course, such 502 bad gateway problems also occur to people due to other reasons, including the computer network connection issues, too many sites opened at the same time and more.

What You Can Do to Fix Computer Bad Gateway 502 Problem?

In most cases, the related computer bad gateway 502 error issues are generally some temporary computer problems and can be easily fixed with website refreshing. However, that doesn’t mean that website refreshing operations can help resolve all similar bad gateway error problems. Go check the below list several methods and see which one of them is proper for you:

1). Refresh computer websites
When your computer 502 bad gateway problems are really caused by timed-out connection to the internet sever, you can merely refresh this website to visit it smoothly. Just click the "Reload" or "Refresh button" on your website browser and wait there. Also click "F5" button to fresh your website, if it is necessary.

2). Close all other useless browser sites or computer programs.
Since the connection request of the specific website can be extremely affected by too many similar connection requests from other browser sites or computer programs, in order to remove such computer bad gateway 502 error issues, you’d better go close all other useless browser sites or program to take chances. Of course, if possible, the background processes are able to be also ended at the same time.

3). Check whether there are some network connection problems.
Of course, your computer bad gateway problems also could be caused by computer network connection problems. Merely firstly check whether all related network devices are firmly connected and also see whether they are damaged or not. Just timely replace the broken or corrupted ones.

4). Clean computer hard disk.
In case that such bad gateway 502 error issues are caused by low computer hard disk space, you can go check the free space of your computer hard disk. If there is really no enough free space left, go clean your computer hard disk well. Merely delete some useless files and folders, uninstall and remove unnecessary programs, empty Recycle Bin or clean all other trash data. If possible, also use professional PC cleaning software to take chances.

Please Note:
*Before starting to clean your hard disk, remember to copy everything important to another storage device, like removable hard disk, pen drive and more.

* However, if you accidentally delete some important files or emptying Recycle Bin with precious files and folders, some data recovery software could be your solutions to recover deleted files or recover files deleted from Recycle Bin.

How about Else Computer Data Loss Problems?

Have you ever encountered other else computer problems, like the computer data loss troubles? Have you tried to recover hard disk data after a quick format? Have you wondered to take original computer hard disk data after finding a RAW format external hard disk asking to format error problem? Or have you tried to rescue computer files when "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drive" error message comes to you? All right! No matter what data loss troubles you've meet, before all the original device files are corrupted for new data rewritten on the same computer device, you often get chances to take them back with data recovery software. Hence, when related data loss issues occur to you, just calm down and search for proper data recovery software for your data online as soon as possible.

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