How to Download iCloud Backups to PC after iPhone SE Damaged

You used iCloud to back up your iPhone SE so that you can restore your iPhone SE from iCloud backup if the device is damaged? It sounds a good idea to restore a damaged iPhone SE from iCloud backup. However, if you restore the iCloud backup to the damaged iPhone SE, you probably still cannot view all data from a damaged device. Is there any way to download the iCloud backup to your computer after iPhone SE damage?

Situations You May Want to Extract iCloud Backup to PC

You may want to extract iCloud backup to a computer instead of the iPhone SE in following situations:

1. If you restore iCloud backup to iPhone SE when any data got lost from the device, all current data stored on the iPhone SE will be replaced by the contents of the selected iCloud backup. Some people do not want to erase the current data stored on their iPhone SE even after restoring the device from iCloud backup. In this situation, you may try to download the iCloud backup to PC.

2. iPhone SE is broken or damaged, in which situation you are unable to log in iCloud on your device. Therefore, you may want to extract all iCloud backup to a computer.

3. There is not enough free space in iCloud, so you want to transfer iCloud backup to computer after which you can delete the backup in iCloud to free up storage space.

Download Photos in iCloud Backup to PC after iPhone SE Damage

You can download photos in iCloud backup to your computer when iPhone SE is damaged and stoops working normally. You can follow the steps below to download images in iCloud backup to PC:

Step1. Download and install iCloud App on your computer.
Step2. Sign into the iCloud with the same Apple ID which contains the backup data you need to download.
Step3. Click Apply button and then click Merge button.
Step4. When the merge is finished, you can view the photos on your computer.

Extract iCloud Backups to Computer for Broken iPhone SE Recovery with Software

It is usually easy to extract iCloud backups to computer with software for broken iPhone SE data recovery. Data recovery for iPhone is an iOS recovery tool that is able to extract iCloud backup to Windows computer or Mac computer when your iPhone is damaged. You can use this software to deep scan and extract the iCloud so that you can view all contents of the iCloud backup and then download then to your computer.

You can also run data recovery for iPhone to extract and download iTunes backup to PC after iPhone SE got damaged.

How to Download iCloud Backup to Damaged iPhone SE?

If you want to download iCloud backup to computer since you are unable to access a damaged iPhone SE, you can fix the damaged iPhone SE first of all. You can try to fix a corrupted iPhone SE when you run into following problems:

If your iPhone SE is damaged due to similar reasons above, you can try to fix the iPhone SE and then download iCloud backup to the iPhone SE for lost data recovery. Usually, you can restore iPhone SE from iCloud backup by following the guide: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings > select Restore from iCloud backup to recover all files to the iPhone SE

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