How to Choose a Right Memory Card for Your Camera, Camcorder or Mobile Phone?

Why to Choose a Memory Card for Your Camera, Camcorder or Phone

In these days, many electronic devices, like phone cameras, video camcorders and mobile phones, have been designed with increasingly larger internal memory so that people can freely store their valuable or important pictures, videos, messages, songs and files, etc. However, for some persons, an additional device memory card, like CF cards, Micro SD cards, memory stick or SD cards, is also necessary. Why? OK! Read below reasons and see whether you also need choose a proper memory card for your Samsung smart phone, Canon camera or Sony camcorder, etc?  
1). Extend the camera/camcorder/mobile phone memory
Of course, obviously, as one type of the common storage devices, the memory card can help easily extend the memory of your digital camcorders, cameras, cell phone and players. In fact, in these days, with a far smaller size and much larger capacity, the memory card sometimes can not only enlarge the device memory to let people save more precious data there and also bring people conveniences.
2). Transfer camcorder/camera/phone data to other storage device easier
Since the internal memory of electronic devices often cannot be recognized as a storage media on a computer or laptop, people do have to transfer data to the inner used memory card and try to move or upload data from this card to computer partitions, other memory cards or hard drives. That’s also why a memory card is necessary. Moreover, in some cases, when you do put the camera photos, camcorder videos or phone files well on the inner memory card, even without taking the electronic devices around, you also can read or use wanted data directly from the device memory card.
3). Avoid some unwanted device data loss troubles.
In some cases, when you do lose something valuable off from cameras, camcorders or mobile phones, as long as you do have saved much lost data on the attached memory card, it is also quite easy to recover the original data back straightly from memory card with data recovery software, which often can help recover photos, movies, messages, contacts, mails, documents and the likes back from RAW format, erased, inaccessible, deleted or virus-infected memory card.

See? The memory card is really useful, right? Go try to choose one for your electronic device!

How to Choose a Right Memory Card for Your Electronic Devices?

Honestly, on the market, there are many memory cards in different brands, capacities, prices and types. To choose a right one for your cameras, camcorders or phones, you are supposed to carefully consider about your own needs. Here are some elements and tips that you should take into considerations:
1). Memory card types
The "memory card" is only a general term for all storage cards of different cameras, camcorders, smart phones, MP3/MP4 players and more devices. There are also many smaller memory card types, including the common SD cards, Micro SD cards, Mini SD cards, CF cards, TF cards, SDHC cards, SDXC cards, memory stick and more. When you are going to pick a proper memory card for your devices, firstly decide on the memory card type. Merely check the electronic device instructions and see which type of memory cards is compatible there.

2). Memory card brand

After deciding on which type of memory cards you needs really, you’d better decide on which brand you prefer to use. There are many famous memory card brands, including Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk, PNY, Kingston and Transcend, etc. Different brands often also indicate different qualities, sizes and appearance, etc. Check two or more faithful brands and choose the most satisfying one out.

3).Memory card capacity

The memory card capacity often is most important element that you should be carefully considered. With a different capacity, even the same type and the same brand of memory cards also can be different. Therefore, pay much attention to choose a memory card with a proper capacity, like 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB, etc.
4).Memory card data transformation speed
The memory card data transformation speed also is necessary to be considered. Generally, in comparison with some common SD card, the SDHC card and SDXC card have improved the data transformation speed up to 50MB/S and 104MB/S. So, when trying to select a storage card for your digital devices, do not forget to check the card transformation speed which often is listed on the instructions of the memory card packages.
5). Memory card price
As the most important element for many people to choose a flash memory card, the memory card price often also matters a lot. Generally, different types of memory cards often require different costs. Even when comes to the same type of memory cards, but, with different capacities, the price also can be different. Therefore, you’d better choose a proper one according to your needs.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Selecting a Proper Device Memory card?

In addition, there are also other tips that you should keep in mind when you are selecting a memory card for your phones, cameras, camcorders or other devices, including:
1). Check the memory card package and labeled logos well to see whether it is not used by others before.
In case of purchasing a second-hand or repaired memory card, you’d better check the memory card package and labels well. Generally, a totally new memory card often has an intact and non-damaged package, clear labels and logos and a full set of accessories, like card sets, card instructions and the likes.
2). Choose a compatible card Reader or adapter as well, if it is possible.
In common use, when there is something wrong with your electronic devices, in order to view or use your memory card information smoothly on your computer or laptop, a compatible card Reader or Adapter is often needed. Therefore, if you do have enough money, also remember to buy one there.
3). Try the selected memory card on your device to make sure it is workable there. ,
In case of buying some fake or incompatible memory card for your device, after getting the permission of the sellers, you’d better immediately try the selected one on your taken smart phone, cameras, camcorders or players to confirm whether it can work as effectively as you think.
4). Select your memory card on some authorized websites or sellers when you need buy one online.

Of course, if you are not willing to go to some memory card shops and get one personally, you also can select one from some memory card websites or sellers online. In fact, there are many common online websites that sells similar storage cards. Always choose the authorized websites or sellers to decrease the chances of picking a fake or damaged one, like Amazon, Newegg, Bestbuy and more. And also pay much attention to the customer comments or reviews.

In fact, today's smartphone usually has enough internal memory, so you may not need to buy any memory card anymore.

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