How to Access to iCloud Backup and Download to PC

Most iOS device users have been using iCloud to backup their device so as to make a copy for all data stored on the device. It is usually safe to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iCloud, but many iCloud users reflect a problem that they cannot access and view iCloud backup directly unless restoring the iCloud backup to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Truthfully, when you log in iCloud, you can only see the backup data list but you are unable to view the contents of backup directly. In this situation, you probably want to look for a way to view the iCloud backup content directly or download the iCloud backup to your Windows or Mac computer?

How to Access iCloud Backup on Computer through Web Browser?

Usually, you use iCloud to backup any iOS device so that you can easily restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from iCloud backup when you lose any data from the device. When you restore iPhone from iCloud backup, the backup data will be restored to your iPhone. However, sometimes you may want to access iCloud backup files on your computer without restoring it to your iOS device. It is not a difficult thing to access iCloud backup by following clicking Settings > iCloud > Sign in iCloud and then you can see all backup information with date details. However, the problem is that you are unable to view the content of the iCloud backup.

Well, you can access iCloud backup data on your computer through web browser. How to access iCloud backup data on your PC via web browser? You can follow the steps below:

Step1. You just need to visit the site and then sign into the iCloud with your Apple ID.
Step2. You can see all files stored in iCloud. Or you can click the iCloud Drive to view all files stored in it.

Reasons Why Download iCloud Backup to Windows / Mac

iCloud provides only 5GB available storage for free. Along with more and more data is backed up to iCloud, you may find that the free space in iCloud is not enough. In this situation, extracting all iCloud to Windows or Mac is a good solution to fix the problem.
Usually, you only have three choices to resolve the iCloud available space is not enough problem.

1. You can delete some iCloud backup in the iCloud so that you can save up some free space. However, you will lose the chance to restore your iOS device from iCloud backup after deleting.
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2. You can buy more storage for iCloud so that you can get more free space on it without deleting any data.
3. You can also download or export all iCloud backup to your Windows computer or Mac computer, and then delete the iCloud backup in iCloud to free up storage space.

How to Restore iCloud Backup to PC?

If you want to download iCloud backup to your PC, you can use data recovery for iPhone. This software enables you to extract all types of files from iCloud backup to Windows or Mac computer, so you can use it to download any file such as:

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