How Can I Fix iPhone 0 Byte Available Error

You get an error message saying 0 byte available on your iPhone when you attempt to use it to take photos, videos or install some programs on the device? Does it really have no available storage on your iPhone? An iPhone usually has 16GB or 64GB internal memory. To some extent, the internal memory is enough as long as you do not save too much large files or Apps on your iPhone. However, sometimes you may receive the 0 byte available error on your iPhone device. This page will introduce methods to fix the iPhone 0 byte available error.

Possible Reasons Why iPhone Shows 0 Byte Error

Your iPhone may show 0 byte available storage error due to following reasons:
1. If you have set to sync your iPhone with computer before, all contents on your computer will be synced to iPhone when you connect it to your computer. The storage space may be taken up after syncing data from PC to your iPhone.
2. iPhone system is crashing due to some reasons, which lead the iPhone to show 0 byte space. In this situation, you may resolve the problem by restarting the device.
3. iPhone is infected with virus after jailbreak or other reasons.

First Step: Check the Storage Space on iPhone

When your iPhone says that it has only 0 byte available storage, it is necessary to check the used storage on your iPhone and make it clear what has occupied the space on your iPhone.
In order to check the storage space on your iPhone, you can click Settings on iPhone > click General > click Usage > click Manage Storage
You can see how much storage has been used on the iPhone and how much available storage has left. You can also see how much storage has been occupied by each file or program on your iPhone.

check storage on iphone
Note: For some ole iPhone device like iPhone 4S, you can check its storage space by following: click Settings > click General > click About option > scroll down until find the Available option so that you can see how much available storage has left on your device.

available storage

Step2: Free up Space on iPhone

If the available storage shows 0 byte on your iPhone, you can calculate how much storage has been occupied by all files and Apps on your iPhone. If the iPhone shows 0 byte storage because you have saved too many files or installed too many Apps on the device, you can try to free up the storage on iPhone by deleting some files or uninstalling some Apps. If the available storage says 0 byte even after deleting many files and Apps, probably the iPhone has some problem like virus infection or iOS corruption, etc.

Step3. Fix 0 Byte Available Error after iPhone Crashing

If the 0 byte available problem still exists after deleting files or free up space on iPhone, probably the iPhone is crashing or has some other problems. In this situation, you can try following methods to fix the problem on your iPhone:
1. Run Apple built-in antivirus software to check if iPhone is infected with virus.
2. Erase everything on your iPhone and reset iPhone to factory settings

Extract All Files from iPhone That Shows 0 Byte Storage

If all data is still accessible when your iPhone only has 0 byte storage, you had better extract all data to another device before fixing the problem. You can backup the iPhone to iCloud or iTunes. If you are unable to access any data when it shows 0 byte storage on iPhone, you may need to extract all files from the device with any of following methods:

1. If you backed up iPhone in advance, you can fix the iPhone error first of all and then restore iPhone from iCloud backup.
2. Restore lost files from iPhone with iTunes backup
3. Extract files from iPhone without backup by using data recovery for iPhone

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Last updated on Aug 30, 2021

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