Drive changed from nTFS to RAW Fixes

Why did Hard drive show RAW in file system instead of NTFS?

What is raw file system? First of all, you need to understand that raw means unexplored, unused and when a storage media such as flash drive or an sd card became raw in file system after it has been using for a while, it means its file system cannot be recognized by most devices such as Windows computer, mac machine, phone, camera, digital players etc.

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A story from user: My internal hard drive e partition suddenly changed to raw from ntfs and when I double clicking it, it won't open but requires formatting with error message: you need to format before you can use it and raw format appeared on its file system property, do I have to format my hard drive? how to change the raw partition back to ntfs?

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Why did hard disk drive changed from ntfs to raw?

It's most likely the cause lies on a damaged file system that was brought by no safe removal, sudden unplug, logical damages, virus attack etc. or incompatible file system... And the heathy file system ntfs would be changed to raw, which means unrecognized, unused, unformatted, unmatched file system when Windows or most devices can only read NTFS, FAT32, EXFAT etc.

Part 1 - change hard disk partition raw to ntfs without losing data?

Recovering data from raw hdd would be the first steps to perform with free recovery tool iCare Pro Free which is able to scan data from raw drives. You may use it for a free raw drive recovery.

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Part 2 - Format RAW hard drive to NTFS

Formatting a hard disk partition raw to ntfs is an easy job that can be operated on Windows 10 or any Windows computer with most common methods: right click format, or format it in disk management.

format raw drive by right click

Format hard drive or usb disk drive using disk management

format raw drive disk management

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If your raw drive contains some other damages, it cannot be formatted on Windows. And Windows would report the following error: unable to complete the format.

unable to format raw drive disk management

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Video - how to change raw to ntfs using cmd for raw hard drive


1, Would it delete all files if I change external hard drive from raw to ntfs?

Answer: YES. It would delete all data on the raw drive if you want to change it to ntfs. The safer way is to restore files from raw drive at first, and then you may safely get the raw partition formatted to ntfs.

Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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