Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk drive is internal storage media in a computer, on which you can install operating system and save different data. Sometimes, some problems probably occur on a hard disk drive, in which situation you usually cannot write data to the hard disk drive. Even worse, the hard disk drive becomes inaccessible and does not allow you to read or copy any file.

Common hard disk drive error and problems:

>> Hard disk drive turns to RAW and asks to be reformatted
>> Hard disk drive shows I/O device error
>> Hard disk drive is not accessible, access is denied
>> Hard disk drive is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
>> Device error on hard disk drive
>> More other hard disk drive malfunctions

Hard Disk Drive Problems Causes

You may face different kinds of problems on a hard disk drive, which usually result from following possible reasons:
1. Hard disk drive contains bad sectors
2. Hard disk drive is attacked by virus
3. The parameter of hard disk drive is lost or incorrect
4. MBR is corrupted
5. Hard disk drive file system is corrupted

Symptoms of Hard Drive Error

Your computer usually pops up some error message when a hard disk drive has errors, but sometimes you do not receive any warning message. Or a hard disk drive sometimes stops working normally when it has problems. How can you know that a hard disk drive has problem? Here are some common symptoms of hard disk drive errors:

1. PC pops up SMART error message. SMART, also written as S.M.A.R.T., is short for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. It is a monitoring system included in a hard disk drive. If you receive SMART error message, it indicates that there is some physical damage in your hard disk drive. You had better move all data to another hard disk or replace this hard disk with a new one in order to prevent data loss.

2. Windows cannot boot normally. This is a problem that can be caused by many reasons such as virus infection, software conflict, hardware failure, etc. Hard drive failure is a possible reason that can lead PC to be unbootable, so you should check if carefully if there is any malfunction on the hard disk drive if you are unable to boot Windows computer normally. Usually, if it is a hard drive problem that cause PC cannot boot, system probably pops up following message:

>> Device error or Non-System disk or disk error, Replace strike any key when ready
>> HDD Controller Failure
>> Invalid partition table
>> No ROM Basic, System Halted
>> Error loading operating system or Missing operating system

In fact, you may meet various kinds of malfunctions on a hard disk drive, which usually cause different troubles on your computer.

Hard Disk Drive RAW Not Formatted Error

If you receive not formatted error on system partition, your computer may be not able to boot normally. You usually need to reinstall Windows operating system and reformat the disk drive to fix the problem. If hard disk drive shows not formatted error on a data partition, it usually has no influence on system partition. However, you cannot access the hard disk drive when it asks to be formatted and changes to RAW file system.

Solution: Extract all inaccessible files from the hard disk drive without a data recovery tool and then format the disk drive from RAW to NTFS or FAT32

Hard Disk File or Directory Is Corrupted and Unreadable Error

It pops up error message "file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" when you double click a hard disk drive on computer. This problem usually occurs when the partition table gets damaged.


1. Assign a new drive letter to the partition of hard disk drive. For example, if the hard disk drive E shows the error message, you can assign another drive letter like F, G, etc to this partition (Please make sure that there is no other partition has the same drive letter when you attempt to assign a new drive letter).

2. Click "Start" > "Programs" > "Command Prompt" > enter "chkdsk /f e:" (e: is the drive letter of the partition that shows the error message)

3. Run Windows Error-checking tool to check and repair bad sectors on the hard disk drive which shows the error message

4. If all solutions above failed, you can format hard disk drive to fix the problem.

Hard Disk I/O Device Error

It shows I/O device error on hard disk drive? This problem may result from hard disk bad sectors, unformatted error, file directory corruption or I/O address conflict, etc.

1. You can install the hard disk to another computer to see if it can work. If it still shows the same error message, it indicates that there is something wrong with the hard disk. You need to recover all data from the hard disk and then run error-checking tool to fix the hard drive

2. If the hard disk works well in another computer, probably it is the I/O address conflict that causes the I/O device error. You can boot your computer in safe mode and fix the I/O address to fix the problem.

Hard Drive Deleted File Recovery

On all Windows computer, files would be moved to recycle bin whe you delete them from a hard drive. Files will be permanently deleted after emptying recycle bin. Then, how to recover deleted files from recycle bin without software? It is hardly to recover any deleted data without relying on software unless you have backup.

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