Hard Disk Drive Failure

Your Hard Disk Drive Is Failed or Crashed Somehow?

In daily use, the hard disk drive, especially some internal hard disks, plays a really important role in keeping the functional use of our computer. It really help store and transfer much important pictures, videos, system files and folders, songs, games and applications well. However, like other storage devices, the hard disk drive also fails or crashes someday and brings the drive users some unexpected data loss troubles. Have you recently encounter such hard disk drive failure error and also search for solutions to rescue both of your drive and inner information? OK! Hope it is not too late for you. Merely go read this article to know some common drive failure issues and solutions.

The Common Symptoms of Hard Disk Drive Failure Issues

There are many symptoms that can indicate a computer hard disk drive failure issue. Go check the below ones and see whether your computer problems are also possibly caused by such drive failure problems.
* Computer frequently freezes without sign
* Computer often gets blue screen of death problems often
* Computer cannot boot up properly
* Computer shut down itself suddenly
* Computer often reboot on its own in recent days or weekends
* Computer recognizes no hard disk even when you surely connect one or two there.
* Hard disk drive makes clicking or other weird sound
* Hard disk drive files are missing or corrupted mysteriously
* Hard disk drive keeps asking you to format whenever you try to access
* CHKDSK cannot run on a RAW drive
* More others
Have found your compute problem above? If so, continue your reading and go check your hard disk drive.

The Common Reasons behind These Hard Disk Drive Failures

In daily use, there are many reasons that can cause these hard disk failures. Hope you can find your actual ones here:
1). Hard Disk Overheating
The functional use of your hard disk often can be negatively affected by the overheating problems. When you are using your computer to edit some files, seeing some films or playing some games, the very heated hard disk can freeze your computer, slow down the compute performance, reboot and even damage your computer without any sign. In some cases, when your computer hard disk is located in a place that is extremely hot, it can be burned and corrupted seriously.
2). Hard Disk Malfunction
In daily use, your computer hard disk failures are also able to be result in by some hard disk malfunction issues. For example, have you ever tried to receive a error message saying: "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it?" when you are trying to access your disk files? Have you ever tried to find your hard disk is inaccessible and the CHKDSK tool also cannot be run there since it is in RAW file system? Or have your ever tried to encounter that your hard disk strangely becomes not initialized or unallocated in Disk Management? OK! These all questions can be caused by some hard disk malfunction problems. 
3). Virus 
Unexpected hard disk virus infection also can bring you hard disk failures and make your drive inaccessible. And this often happens after you download something unknown stuffs from some unsafe websites or places, use this hard disk on a unfamiliar computer/laptop and forget to do antivirus scan on this hard disk regularly, etc. Therefore, always use your drive safely in the future. 
4). Sudden Hard Disk Power Loss
The hard disk also can be seriously damaged or failed when encountering a sudden power loss problem. No matter whether it is caused by some uncontrolled computer power surge, instant computer power loss or the likes, it really can bring you hard disk failures in some cases.
5). Physical Hard Disk Damages
The physical hard disk damages, as one of the most common reasons, also often cause people hard disk failure problems. When the head of your used hard disk is broken or damaged, you are always unable to access or even find your connected drive on your computer. When your hard disk is filled with bad sectors, it is also really difficult for you to use this drive and also extract left data out. When your hard disk is broken, burned, shocked into pieces, the hard disk failure problems also can occur to you.
6). Human Errors
The hard disk failure issues can not only be aroused by the hard disk problems and also can be caused by some improper human operations, like dropping the drive to the hard ground/water pool mistakenly, hitting the hard disk heavily by chance, frequently performing full or low level formatting processes on the hard disk or intentionally putting hard disk in a really heated or dusty places, etc. Remember to keep the hard disk in a safe place all the time.
7). Natural wear and tear
Even when you do surely have not done something improper to this hard disk, it also can get the drive failure problems for the nature wear and tear sooner or latter. Why? Any storage device, like the common CD, memory card, USB flash drive, external hard disk and more, will be damaged gradually over the time, right?

What You Can Do Now to Fix These Drive Failure Problems?

Still find no fixable solution to repair your hard disk with unexpected disk failure problems? You can go try these ones to take chances:
1). Check the computer fans and make sure your drive is not overheated.
In case that your hard disk failures are caused by overheating, go check your computer fans or other heat dissipation devices and see whether they all work well to cool your drives. If not, change other fans for your computers or directly purchase a new computer desk fans instead. Overall, use the practical way to cool your hard disk as soon as possible and then, see whether this drive problem will appear again or not.
2). Apply hard disk diagnostic tool to test your drive 
You are really not sure whether this hard disk failure problem is caused by hard disk issues, like above mentioned RAW file system problem, not formatted drive problem, drive bad sectors problems and more? OK! Go perform a diagnosing process on this probably failed hard disk. What you need to do is only to run your Windows CHKDSK, if the hard disk problems are not too serious. Of course, if you think that Windows error-checking tool cannot work as effectively as you hope, you also can directly search and download a diagnostic tool online instead.
3). Get rid of all vicious viruses or threats
You just think this hard disk issue is caused by virus infection. OK! Uninstall your original antivirus software and download a new one to thoroughly scan this hard disk. As long as you do choose effective or reliable software, it always can help you find all possible viruses or threats out. Hope these dangerous threats have not damaged your disk completely.
4). Format hard disk
The hard disk is still recognized by your PC and also cannot be accessed as usual? OK! No matter what kind of hard disk error problems you’ve met, merely format this hard disk to see whether it could be repaired smoothly. Generally, as with some common logically damaged hard disk problems, like the above mentioned not formatted drive issues, RAW file system drive issue and more, you often can easily format this disk to fix its possible problems. But, as with some hard disk that is completely physically damaged, you’d better waste no time in fixing this drive or recovering drive data. The result could be really depressing.

Hard Disk Drive Data recovery

Wonder whether you can extract data out from that hard disk with failure problems at first? It is often not a dream when this hard disk is not seriously mechanically damaged. Therefore, as long as your hard disk is not physically damaged, like being broken into pieces, being burned completely or being dropping to water, etc, you often can go try to recover your hard disk files with hard disk data recovery software. With reliable data recovery software, you often can easily retrieve deleted drive documents, get lost videos back from hard disk after format, extract drive photos from hard disk with not formatted error before format and restore missing data from hard disk with some physical damages.

Please Note: In case of unexpected permanent hard disk data loss troubles, add no new data on the same hard disk before performing data recovery processes there and also save all restored stuffs to another drive or location after finishing the data recovery processes.
Of course, the most important thing you should learn from this trouble is to prepare drive data backups on several devices well in the future.

Additional Words:

1). Go select a new hard disk drive for your PC When the original one is physical damaged.
When you are sure your hard disk is physically damaged and cannot be read on any computer or machine, just go select a new hard disk drive for your PC.
2). Never forget to back up drive data before any format, delete or other drive data erasing operations.
In case of encountering the same hard disk data loss problems, learn lessons to back up drive data on two or more drives, flash drives or online storage before any format, delete or other related drive data erasing operations.

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