GIF File Deleted Recovery

Need GIF File Recovery Helps after Accidental Delete?

Problem1: Hello! I urgently need your help to perform GIF file recovery processes on my USB drive after accidental delete. In fact, about two weeks ago, I received many wonderful GIF images from my friends and did have stored them well on my Toshiba USB flash drive. However, for some special reasons, I forgot this USB drive did contained my GIF images and accidentally deleted these images just now. However, I did have not saved any extra copy of these special photos on other storage device yet. Is it possible for me right now to recover deleted GIF file from flash drive? Please post anything useful here to help me out! Thanks a lot!

Problem2: Hello! Is it an imaginative story to undelete files from SD card? Honestly, I do have saved hundreds of GIF images on my 32GB SD card. They all are made and edited by me and my friends in the last year. However, recently, while adding new series of GIF files to this memory card and deleting some useless or damaged ones there as well, he just mistakenly deleted a folder that hold about 50 photos there. Many of these GIF photos have not been backed up yet. You guys get any idea to recover deleted SD card file? Is the online memory card photo recovery software helpful? Which one of them could be used in my case? Thank you very much in advance!

Problem3: Hey, guys! Recently, many of my Seagate external hard disk files, like some GIF photos, Word documents, songs and game folders, are deleted since the installed McAfee antivirus software detects there are some vicious Trojan viruses. Hence, in order to avoid worse virus infection problems, I do perform a deep antivirus scan on this USB hard disk and also follow the software suggestions to delete all dangerous files. However, many of these deleted GIF images are really precious for me. Do you get any idea to do external drive deleted file recovery there? What can I do now to take my deleted GIF files back? Any advice could be highly appreciated here. Thanks very much!

Hello, friends! Your deleted GIF images or other files will often be cleaned permanently off from your SD card, USB flash drive or external hard drive when they are rewritten by new files on the same storage device. Have you saved or transferred new data to this device with deleted GIF file loss troubles? If not, before they are really cleared, you are supposed to choose reliable data recovery software for deleted file recovery from pen drive, memory card or any other storage media.

Simple Steps to Recover Deleted GIF Images, Videos, Messages, Files and Other Photos

No matter why you have deleted your FIF images, videos, messages, files and other photos off from your memory cards, flash drives or external drives, like virus infection, wrong file and folder selecting or incorrect operations, etc, these "deleted" files are not immediately disappeared off from your device right now. Oppositely, they will be stored on the original memory cards or drives till they are completely rewritten by else data on the same device. In other words, as long as you do have not overwritten this device or have not completely rewritten this device, you do get time and chance to take them back. Hence, stop rewriting this device immediately and go rely on a trustful deleted file recovery tool to undelete your storage device.
Really want to immediately search for data recovery software and take your deleted GIF files back with ease?
No worry. Here are the simple steps for you to undelete pictures:

download data recovery software

Step1. Run deleted file recovery software on your PC after downloading and installing it well there.

select recovery mode

Step2. Scan this SD card, USB drive or external hard disk after selecting a practical data recovery mode.

wait while scanning

Step3. Recover deleted GIF files or other data to another unused storage device.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Note:

* No matter what really happens to you, always keep this original memory card, flash drive or USB hard disk away from new data to avoid permanent data loss.
*No matter how much original GIF data is restored, always prepare a different and unused storage device to hold it all in case of data recovery failures.
* No matter how urgently your situation is, always check the software scanning results and preview the found data well before any purchase.
* No matter what occurs to you again, always make GIF photo or other important data backups well on several drives and locations in the future.

Read More about GIF Images

GIF files, also fully called Graphic Interchange Format files, are merely some photos that have been stored as GIF formats, not the widely-used JPEG, BMP or JPG formats. In comparison with the common JPEG format photos, GIF files are developed with brighter and more types of colors. Moreover, more differently, such GIF files are always famous for the small icons and animated images. In order to let it be more quickly and easily to be transmitted over the internet, they are also compressed to reduce the file size. Overall, this type of photos could help you extremely enrich your websites and make them all more attractively online in comparison with the ordinary JPEG or JPG images. However, you also should know that not all online sites could recognize and spread these GIF files. Hence, always save or upload your photos with GIF, JPEG or JPG formats according to your different needs.    

download data recovery software

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