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Last updated on 17/01/2017

How do you manage with SD memory card that says different error messages on Windows XP based computer?

When an SD card reports any error, you have two things to do, namely recover data from the card and fix the error so as to use the SD card again.

Today, we would like to share solution for corrupted SD card repair without losing files when it shows some common error alert on Windows XP.

If you get any alert message on an SD, it indicates that SD card might be corrupted and you can make full use of data recovery software - iCare Data Recovery Pro if you want to perform corrupted SD card recovery and it is totally free if your data is within 2gb. Then, you can use different methods to repair various SD errors on Windows.


>>Quick Solution for SD Card Error on Windows

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover data from SD memory card when Windows XP shows error message and you need to repair the problem.

Common SD Card Errors on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

You could receive different error messages when you cannot read or write data on an SD card normally. Here are some common error messages that you may receive on Windows XP:

1. SD card is not formatted do you want to format it now

SD card may show disk drive not formatted alert message (showing as the image below) on Windows XP, mobile phone or camera.

2. SD card is write protected

It would ask you to remove write-protection on the SD card in order to format the card.

3. SD card is blanks and shows unsupported file system

On smartphone, it recognize SD card as a blank media with unsupported file system. If you insert an SD reporting the error on phone to Windows XP, PC will show the message displayed in the first error, namely SD card not formatted. And SD card would turn to raw file system on Windows XP OS.

4. It asks to repair media card

It reports a media card has been inserted that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the media card now? Yes? No?

5. Windows XP reports there is no disk drive on SD card

PC shows there is no disk in drive, please insert a disk into drive every access to SD card on Windows XP.

no disk in drive

6. SD memory card is locked

7. Memory card cannot be initialized

8. SD card is not recognized

Video Tutorial: how to use iCare Data Recovery for file rescue

Restore Data off SD Card When Showing Errors on Windows

There is software that can repair SD card error without data loss, but you can use SD memory card data recovery software to recover files from corrupted SD card. iCare Data Recovery Pro is such read-only data recovery software, which enables you to restore different kinds of files such as images, video files, music, documents, etc from any brand of SD card. This data recovery software can work on Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, etc. You just need to connect your SD card to computer and follow the steps below if you do not know how to recover deleted files from SD card step by step:

download data recovery software

Step1. Launch the data recovery software and select a recovery module.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the SD card so that the software can scan it for lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview the pictures and recover all data you need.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

The solutions for different SD card error in Windows have some differences, but here are some useful tips for any error:

1. It is never too late to perform SD card recovery using a data recovery tool before you take actions to fix the problem on the memory card.

2. It is worth waiting for even a few hours in order to scan the corrupted SD memory card completely and get back every lost file, so please do not stop before iCare Data Recovery Pro display all found files automatically.

How to Repair Corrupted SD Card That Shows Errors on Windows?

1. Repair damaged SD card in Windows XP without software

1. You can format SD memory card if it shows disk drive not formatted error on Windows XP computer.
2. Run Windows XP built-in Error-checking tool to check if the SD card contains any bad sector. The Error-checking tool can help fix bad sectors on your SD card and make it available again.

It will be better if you can run antivirus software to scan the SD card to check virus.

2. Fix SD card error with CMD instead of formatting

For example, SD card shows as G drive on Windows, then you can enter following message:

Click Start> Run > type CMD > type chkdsk chkdsk g: /f, after which PC would run chkdsk to scan and repair the corrupted SD card.

3. Fix corrupted SD card error in Android without computer

If SD card is corrupted and shows error message on your phone or camera, you can open Storage on your phone and format the corrupted SD card.

You had better not install any program on your phone to fix a corrupted SD card in case of any risk. Please insert the SD card to a PC if you want to use any memory card repair software.

Users Needing Help for SD Card Fix When Reporting Error

"My SD memory card shows error message when I want to access pictures on the card. Today, I inserted my SD card to my Windows XP, but it says SD card is not accessible and it asks me to format the memory card. I am afraid that I will lose all data stored on the card if I format SD card, but what should I do if I do not format it? Is there any free SD card error repairing software that can work on Windows XP to fix SD card error without losing any data?"

"I need to repair my SD card not formatted error on Windows XP. The SD card asks to format on Windows XP, but I was used perfectly in my Android phone previously. I want to know how to recover deleted files from SD card for Android App."

download data recovery software

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