How to Fix PCI Parity Error on Windows PC

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"Hello, have anyone there seen about PCI Parity error before on startup? Recently, after building my Windows 7 desktop computer, no matter when I tried to open up this computer, I would be given a PCI parity error. What does such PCI parity error indicate? Is there something wrong with my computer hardware? Is there any suggestion to fix it? Thank you very much in advance!"

Hello, friends there! The related computer PCI parity errors are usually aroused by computer PCI card or the related PCI connection hardware problems. You’d better check them all one by one to see what you should do to resolve such error problems. Keep reading this article to know more details:

What Is PCI Parity Error?

Generally, the PCI often stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect technology which is often used to different computer connection ports set on a PC motherboard. And in these days, much computer hardware, like the commonly used sound cards, network cards, graphic cards and more, will be connected and read well by your computer operating system through these PCI connection cables, cards or ports to keep your computer have a good performance. However, once there is something wrong with these PCI connections cables, PCI card or PCI connection ports, like getting corrupted or other problems, and the hardware could not be connected correctly there, such PCI parity error message often pops out on boot up. And that's probably why you get such PCI parity error problems.    

What Often Causes PCI Parity Error Problems?

Honestly, except the mentioned PCI connection issues, there are also other causes that can leads to such PCI parity error issues. And, go read the major ones and see whether some of them are proper for your cases:

1).The PCI ports are incorrectly connected or completely corrupted
When people really get the related PCI parity errors on startup, they are often asked to firstly check whether it is the PCI port issues. Why? If your PCI ports are incorrectly or loosely connected due to dust or if your PCI ports are completely corrupted unexpectedly, your computer will not be able to reach and read the connected hardware and finally give you such error message.
Hence, go check the PCI ports.

2). The PCI card is wrongly inserted or completely damaged
Are you using a PCI card inside your computer? Don't know what is a PCI card of a PC? No worry. Like a USB adaptor used on a PC, PCI card is a tool that allows people to connect different graphic card, sound card, network card, built-in modem, RAID card and more, when you do have used all built-in PCI ports set on your motherboard. Honestly, in these days, many people purchase such PCI cards to use far more hardware on a computer at a time. However, once these PCI card is wrongly inserted or completely damaged, the related PCI parity error also comes to you. So, also go check the PCI card carefully.

3). Computer sound cards and network cards have problems
Have you checked your inserted sound cards and network cards on your PC carefully? Are they still workable there? Honestly, even when your computer PCI ports are all empty or not used, the related sound cards and network cards will be connected with PCI cables of your PC and are able to bring you such startup PCI parity error issues once these sound or network cards get connection issues or physical damages. So, also check your sound cards and networks then.

4). Computer hard drive problems
While building your new Windows 7 PC, have you plugged a compatible and workable HDD or SSD there to support common performance? Any internal hard drive with problems, like incompatible one, low quality one and physically damaged one, etc, is able to make your computer run abnormally and give you such PCI parity error during booting.

5). Computer motherboard gets problems
And all the related PCI ports, PCI cards and hardware are set or connected on your PC motherboard. Once the motherboard is physically corrupted, you are also able to have such PCI issues. 

How to Fix Computer PCI Parity Error Issues on Windows Computer?

No matter why you get such PCI parity error issues, go try the below solutions to fix such computer error problems:

1. Follow the error notification to press F1 to boot up your computer 
Generally, the related PCI parity error message often will also suggest you to press F1 to go on the booting or click F2 to reboot. So, if you are really in a hurry to do some work with your computer, follow the error message to go on the booting by pressing F1. Of course, also click F2 to restart your PC. It's all up to you.

2). Check whether the sound and network card works normally
After booting or rebooting your PC smoothly, go check whether your inserted sound card and network card work well there. Generally, when they do have some problems, like physical damages or loosely connection, there will be no normal sound and network connection. You can try to reconnect them to see whether they are really corrupted. If unfortunately they are damaged unexpectedly, also see whether it is necessary to change another one based on your own needs.

3).Reconnect, clean or change your PCI card
If you do have inserted a PCI card and also doubt whether it is a problem caused by PCI problems, go reconnect it to see whether such PCI parity error pops out again or not. Also clean it carefully to take chances. If necessary, also go change the completely corrupted PCI card for future use.

4). Clean the motherboard and all connection ports
Of course, while trying to reconnect and clean the PCI cards, also clean the motherboard and all connection ports after you do have shut down the PC.
Please Note: Always store hard drive data backups well before powering off your PC.

5). Factory reset your PC BIOS
And, in such cases, people are often suggested to factory reset the PC BIOS to resolve such PCI parity error problems as below:
Firstly, reboot your PC and click Delete or F2 button till the BIOS Setup Utility interface is shown.
Secondly, select Load Setup Defaults option listed there and click Yes
Thirdly, click F10 button and choose Yes then to reboot your PC.
And then, your computer BIOS will be restore to its factory setting.

6). Change internal storage devices
When you are not sure whether such computer issues are caused by computer hard drive problems, merely go reconnect or change the hard drive to take chances.

7). Repair or Change another motherboard
If it is aroused by corrupted motherboard, also go take it to professional agencies to repair or change another one.
In short, hope these suggestions could help you resolve such computer PCI parity error issues smoothly.

Regularly Clean Computer Hardware and Connection Ports to Avoid Such PCI Parity Errors

In the future, in case of the similar PCI parity error problems, you'd better always learn a lesson to clean computer hardware and PCI connection ports regularly. Of course, with no urgent thing, you can also go clean all related motherboard hardware and connection ports carefully. Why? Cleaning the hardware and connection ports helps avoid not only such PCI parity errors and also many other computer error problems caused by dirty or rotten connections, like "reboot and select proper boot device error" error, computer blue screen error issues, computer suddenly reboot, overheated computer problems, too slow computer performance issues, computer not booting problems and more.

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