How to Fix LogonUI exe Error on Windows Computer

Get LogonUI.exe System Error on Startup?

"Hello, after installing a new SSD on my Windows 7 laptop, I just get an error message saying:'LogonUI.exe system error: the program cannot start because HID.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem' on startup. How to fix such Logonui.exe system error and boot up my PC smoothly? Thanks!"

"Hi, my Windows 10 notebook cannot start since it reports logonui.exe error because CRYPTUI.DLL is missing. What does that error message mean? Do you know anything about LogonUI.exe application? Thanks for any suggestion."

"This morning, when my brother tried to start up my Windows 8 PC, the computer screen showed an error messages to ask him to reinstall logonui.exe software since COMCTL32.DLL was missing. And, I also still get stuck in such logonui.exe error issues now. What am I supposed to do to resolve such logonui.exe file missing problems? Please help me!"

OK! It sounds like that your guys’ computers only get the logonui.exe problems since some logonui.exe files are missing. And, in order to resolve such problems, you can easily search, download and reinstall the LogonUI.exe app to fix everything. However, if your cases are far more complicated or don’t know how to and where to reinstall the software, just keep on reading this article to get more details:

What Is LogonUI.exe Used For on Windows Computer?

In fact, LogonUI.exe is a Windows built-in app that often help people log into Windows PC and also only be started to show the welcome interface and password and account user name entering interface during the Windows account logging operating. However, once any of the files and folders of this software gets deleted, lost or damaged by virus, the computer will not be able to let you log in as usual and finally gives such LogonUI.exe system error message to ask you to retry.
Hence, in other words, once you do have encountered the related logonui.exe error issues, the first thing you are supposed to do is to check whether the original logonui.exe files are still good. If not, go replace it with new one. 

Why Such Logonui.exe Error Message Pops Out?

The damaged or missing logonui.exe app files and folders, like the above mentioned missing CRYPTUI.DLL error, HID.DLL error and COMCTL32.DLL errors, etc, do bring the computer users the related logonui.exe error problems. However, it is not the only one reason behind such error problems. And, here are some other ones that may inspire you somehow:

1). The Logonui.exe problems
As you do read above, when the computer logonui.exe files are deleted or corrupted due to virus attack or other mistaken operations, like mistakenly deleting some essential files of this utility instead of other external hard drive information, , you do often receive the related software error warning.

2). Computer OS problems
Have you upgraded, edited or reset your computer Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or Vista operating system before you face such logonui.exe error issue on startup? Honestly, when your PC OS is improperly installed, suddenly corrupted or does have some inevitable bugs or leaks, during the computer booting process, your computer may not be able to read these logonUI.exe app data properly and eventually gives such error message to ask you to do a reinstall. Hence, also go check do a computer Windows system checking and repairing.

3). Computer hardware issues
Have you also added or corrupted computer internal hard drive recently? Under such circumstances, the related logonui.exe error problems are also possible to be caused by corrupted internal hard drive or inserted memory chips. Why? All computer data that can help computer start up and run well is stored well on the internal storage device. However, once these internal storage devices are damaged somehow or have hard drive bad sector issues, the computer may not read the needed information smoothly and leads to such logonui.exe app problems. In addition, the related system error problems also happen when two or more internal hard drives or memory bars with different brands are incompatible with each other.
Overall, no matter which one of them is proper for your cases, just go check your internal storage devices.

How to Fix Computer Logonui.exe Error on Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC?

Generally, no matter whether you do have successfully start up your Windows 7, 8 or 10 computers right now, after receiving the related logonui.exe system error warning messages, you often get several clues to fix them:

1). Scan and clean computer viruses and threats
No matter whether your logonui.exe error issues are aroused by viruses or the related vicious threats, in case of any worse issues, you are often suggested to scan your entire computer thoroughly with antivirus software to clean all possible dangerous stuffs completely.
Of course, if your computer hard drive is virus infected really, also do not forget to use hard drive file recovery software to recover lost drive files when you do prepare no data backups elsewhere.

2). Download and reinstall new logonui.exe
And, if you are 100% sure that it is the virus issues, you can go seek, download and reinstall new logonui.exe tool to resolve such error issues. And, after downloading a compatible and no-damaged logonui.exe app from professional and authorized sites, you are also supposed to copy and paste it under C:\Windows\system32\dllcache. And then, reboot your PC to try a again.
Please note: If you cannot see the C:\Windows\system32\dllcache folder there, it may be automatically hidden for data protection, go unhide all files and folders to have another try.

3). Download and apply PC operating system repairing software to scan and fix OS issues
But, if you also cannot find where you can copy and paste what you have downloaded, also do not worry. Sometimes, when your computer is virus infected, the viruses and threats may hide the above folders that you are supposed to place the newly downloaded logonui.exe folder anywhere. Just remove all viruses and also apply some OS repairing software to help you scan and fix everything related.

4). Restore computer operating system
And then, if you have some doubts about the computer operating system, just go check, repair and restore computer operating system to take chances. Honestly, in these days, many Windows 8 and Windows 10 versions offer hot key for people to restore the PC OS to its original state with simple clicks. And, if unfortunately, you do use a Windows operating system without such functions, also do not worry. Some other OS recovery software, which always help scan, check, repair and restore computer Windows operating system easily and quickly, like widely-used Ghost, can be your chances to go on.
So, merely go do an OS recovery on your PC with your ways.

5). Reinstall computer OS
And, if your computer OS is so badly corrupted that any operating system repairing apps do not help you out, also do not feel depressing. Go re-download and reinstall your computer OS.
Of course, no matter what occurs, nothing can stop you backing up all important computer data in advance.

6). Check and fix PC hard drive problems
Also worry about the PC internal storage device state? No worry. If you do have several storage devices inserted with different brands, merely go check their details and see whether they all are compatible with your computer. And then, reconnect them and check them deeply to see whether it is necessary to format, repair or replace these hard drives. 

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