Fix iPhone SE Internal Memory Full Issue

An iPhone SE has 16GB or 64GB internal memory on which you can store different kinds of data. An iPhone SE does not have an external memory expansion slot for micro SD card inserting, so you may encounter problem related to low internal memory on your iPhone SE. Generally speaking, iPhone SE shows internal memory is full when there is too much data being stored on your iPhone. For example, you have installed many applications on your iPhone SE. Or you have stored too many movies, videos, music or photos, etc on your iPhone SE.

The easies way to fix iPhone SE internal memory full problem is to delete some unnecessary files and uninstall some programs, but you might mistakenly delete some important data from your iPhone SE. If so, you can use data recovery for iPhone to undelete files from iPhone SE.

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About iPhone SE

iPhone SE (Special Edition) was released on March 21, 2016 by Apple Inc. in California, USA. iPhone SE has 2GB RAM, which supports Live Photos, VoLTE, 4K video recording and more. iPhone SE has is similar to iPhone 5S in appearance, but it dos not support 3D Touch. Many Apple fans like to use iPhone SE because it is much cheaper than other iPhone series like iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, etc. iPhone SE has 16 / 64GB internal memory, which respectively sells at $399 and $499 in USA.

Related Problem about iPhone SE Internal Memory Full

When an iPhone SE internal memory is full, you may run into some related problem such as:

  • Receive memory full notification on your iPhone SE
  • iPhone SE does not allow you to install any application on it
  • It says there is not enough storage when you use your iPhone SE to take photos, videos or when you save any other data on your iPhone SE
  • Your iPhone SE stops respond or freezes up frequently when you save data or run any application on it

If you meet any of similar problems since internal memory is full on your iPhone SE, you can do something to fix the problem in order to causing further trouble due to low storage issue.

All Possible Methods to Fix Low Internal Memory Problem on iPhone SE

If you receive memory full alert message on your iPhone SE at any time, the first thing is to check how much free space has left on it. Then, you can do following things to fix the problem to free up space on iPhone SE:

1. You can delete some unnecessary files such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc. If all data stored on your iPhone is important, you can back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes or manually move all files to another place such as your computer and then delete all files from iPhone SE to free up space.

2. You can uninstall some unnecessary programs from your iPhone SE. Probably, you have installed many game Apps or other applications on your iPhone SE, you can uninstall them to free up space on iPhone SE. You should clear app cache and junk files on iPhone SE after uninstalling apps.

Free to Recover Mistakenly Deleted Files When iPhone SE Memory Is Full

Sometimes, you may find that you mistakenly delete some important files from iPhone SE when you attempt to delete some unnecessary files to fix the problem about memory full on the phone. Usually, you can try any of following methods to recover deleted files from iPhone SE:

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