Fix iPhone 6 Stuck on Apple Logo without Data Loss

Has your iPhone 6 ever stuck on the white Apple logo? Simply say, Apple logo usually refers the situation that your iPhone 6 shows white Apple logo on black screen when you attempt to start the device. Usually, your iPhone 6 cannot start normally when it shows Apple logo. This kind of problem can be caused by many reasons. Do you know how to fix the problem when an iPhone 6 stuck on Apple logo and cannot start normally? Will you lose all data stored on the iPhone 6 when encountering the same problem?

Reasons Why iPhone 6 Stuck on White Apple Logo

White Apple logo problem on iPhone 6 might result from many reasons. Here are some common reasons:
1. An iPhone 6 might show white Apple logo and fail to start normally after jailbreak or update the device.
2. Another possible reason is that your iPhone 6 may stuck on white apple logo when you attempt to restore your iPhone 6 from previous backup or iOS.
3. iPhone 6 has white apple logo screen due to software conflict, hardware problems or some software installed on your iPhone 6 after jailbreak is not compatible with the iOS operating system.
4. You mistakenly delete some iOS related files, in which situation the iPhone 6 cannot function normally and stuck on apple logo.
5. More other unknown reasons that lead the iPhone 6 to show white apple logo screen.

How to Fix Apple Logo Issue on iPhone 6?

Usually, there are two methods to fix the apple logo problem on your iPhone 6.

Method 1: You can fix iPhone 6 which stops function normally with white apple logo by using iTunes.
Method 2: You can fix the white apple logo issue on iPhone 6 by using third-party tool.

This page will share the detailed steps to fix the problem with iTunes. Now, you can follow the guide below to fix the problem when iPhone 6 cannot boot up normally by showing apple logo:

Step1. Hold and press the Home and Power button on your iPhone.
Step2. Release the Power button and only press Home button when the iPhone 6 shows connect to iTunes.
Step3. Connect the iPhone 6 to your computer and the iTunes will detect the iPhone 6 device normally. At this time, you can press Shift key on your computer and then click Update to restore iPhone 6.
Step4. It will upgrade or downgrade your iPhone 6. Usually, iTunes might report some error message like iTunes sync 54 error, 1002, 1004, 1013, 1014, 1015, 1600, 1601, 1602, 1604, 3194, etc. You can try to fix the problem when receiving those error codes.
Step5. After restoring iPhone 6 in iTunes, you can use it normally again.

How to Recover Data from iPhone 6 Which Has Apple Logo Screen?

1. Restore iPhone 6 from iTunes / iCloud backup

There is no doubt iTunes backup or iCloud backup offers the easiest way to restore your iPhone 6, so you can restore iPhone 6 from iCloud backup or iTunes backup. However, you must make sure that you have backed up your iPhone 6 with iCloud or iTunes before you meet the problem that iPhone 6 shows apple logo screen and cannot boot normally. Besides, you should know that you may lose some new added data on your iPhone 6 if you restore the device from previous iCloud backup or iTunes backup.

2. Restore iPhone 6 data with data recovery software

If you have no backup for the iPhone 6, you can rely on data recovery for iPhone to restore deleted files from iPhone 6. With data recovery for iPhone, you can restore WhatsApp message from iPhone 6, recover photos, audio files, video files, emails, documents, calendars, etc from iPhone 6 when data got lost due to white apple logo.

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