How to Troubleshoot Computer/PC/Windows Gets Stuck on Startup/Starting/Boot Screen/Loop in Windows 11/10/8/7

Computer Stuck at Windows Startup Screen/Loop?

"Hello, my Windows 7 computer freezes often recently. So, I turned it off this morning and restarted it as usual to find the PC got stuck on Windows startup screen and computer would not boot up then. Do you have any idea about what's going on there? Is it still possible to fix computer stuck on boot screen problems and access my computer hard drive files? Thank you very much for any suggestion here!"

Hi! Many reasons, like faulty connected external hard drive/flash drive, damaged internal hard drive/partition/volume, corrupted/outdated/deleted operating system files and folders, etc, can cause computer stuck in starting/logo screen issues. However, such computer not boot problems are also not as difficult/complicated as you think. Merely read this article and learn how to fix computer stuck during startup process problems as below:

Fix/Remove PC Not Boot Gets Stuck on Boot/Startup Screen in Windows 11/10/8/7/vista

Generally, no matter what you have done to make your Windows 11/10/8/7/vista computer stuck on boot/startup/starting screen, here are several steps for you to follow to troubleshoot/fix such Windows stuck on boot screen problems:

Step1. Remove all external devices connected

Honestly, in case of any faulty connection which negatively affects computer self-checking during booting process, you are supposed to remove all external devices and media connected, including the plunged usb hard drive, flash drive, camera/phone sd memory card, fans, printer, scanner and the likes. And, then, restart your PC.

Step2. Reboot PC in safe mode

*Causes Behind computer stuck in Windows startup screen issues:

Generally, the related computer stuck on boot screen problems could be caused by many factors, like virus infection, lost/corrupted Windows operating system files, computer hard drive bad sector/corruption, software conflicts and more.

*Reboot computer into safe mode

Hence, in such cases, you are supposed to reboot computer into safe mode to see whether your PC has got such problems as below:

Start your computer and repeatedly click F8 button till the Starting Windows screen is shown. And, then, choose and click Safe Mode option there to restart your computer into safe mode.

In fact, if the computer is still able to be started up with safe mode, at least, the computer hard drive does not fail yet. Also read more to fix failed hard disk drive

However, if computer cannot boot up in safe mode, you'd better use an external bootable hard drive/usb stick to reopen your PC. Also visit this page to make a bootable usb drive in Windows

Step3. Perform antivirus scan

After booting up your PC with safe mode/external bootable drive, start antivirus software to remove all possible viruses and threats to fix computer problems. Also check this to use best free antivirus tools. And, then, also restart the computer to see whether it is aroused by viruses.

Step4. Use computer startup repair

In these days, many Windows computer are designed with computer startup repair tool which is able to automatically detect and fix computer startup problems. Hence, you can also go run this Startup Repair tool like this:
Also click F8 button after powering on your PC and select Repair Your Computer option on Advanced Boot Option screen.

Step5. Run system restore

You can also start computer system restore function to restore your PC to previous state to check whether the computer stuck problems are aroused by operating system issues.
But, if the system restore also cannot fix your PC not boot problems, you'd better go consult some experts for help.

Step6. Consult experts for help

Actually, there are also many other reasons that can leads to Windows stuck on startup screen problems, like deleted computer drivers, corrupted hard drive and more. However, in case of making things worse, you are supposed to consult experts/local repairing shops for help.

Please Note: No matter how your situation is now, always save data backups well on different storage devices well in case of data loss problems. Also read more details to recover deleted/lost computer data

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Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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