How to Fix Computer Ready Boost Error Problem

Last updated on 06/04/2018

Is It Possible to Resolve PC Ready Boost Not Working Error?

"Hello, I recently have a Windows Ready Boost error with my SanDisk USB flash drive on my PC. Can anyone help me out? Honestly, I am using a Windows 8 computer and recently use the Windows ready boost services there. However, after plugging my USB flash drive into the computer, the PC ready boost does not work and gives ready boost error message. I am really not familiar with such Computer ready boost technology and don't what's going on there. Do you have any suggestion to help me fix such computer ready boost error problems? Thanks in advance! "

Hello, friends! Generally, the related computer USB drive ready boost error problem happens to people usually because of a USB drive that does not support such advanced ready boot technology. Have you used this flash drive to apply the ready boost service before? And no matter what your answer is, hope you can read this article carefully and see how you can resolve such PC ready boost not working issues.

How Much Do You Know about Computer Ready Boost Technology?

Generally speaking, the computer Ready boost technology is a way for people to turn the storage space of an attached USB drive, SSD or external hard drive into the internal memory of a Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista computer when there are no enough slots, money, technology support or limited computer configuration, to expand the PC internal memory. Therefore, it is often a useful method to help computer user enlarge computer memory, adjust computer storage devices and also speed up computer performance. Moreover, as an advanced technology, it is also able to be opened up and ended up easily with simple settings.

Why You Get Such PC Ready Boost Error Messages?

As a very new computer technology, such PC flash drive ready boost technology is not mature yet and often bring users the related not working error problems due to the below reasons:

1). USB drive does not support Ready Boost service.

In order to use the storage space of the external storage devices as the computer internal memory, it often needs a USB flash drive with a high primary configuration. For example, a USB pen drive with a very fast data writing and reading speed is needed. A USB thumb drive which supports such PC ready boost service is needed. So, go check this flash drive.

2).Whether your PC support such technology or not

Have you used this technology on your PC before? In these days, not all computers out there support such ready boost services. For example, generally, many Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista PCs offers such advanced services, but, not all of them are designed with such technology. So, go check the details of your computer carefully.
Of course, there are also other reasons behind such ready boost error problems, like the possible bugs of the related ready boost technologies, computer problems and more. However, no matter which one is practical for your case, you' better keep reading this article to see how to fix such error problems.

How to Fix Such Ready Boost Error Problems on Windows PC?

Honestly, there are often several methods for people to fix such unwanted ready boost error problems off from your Windows computer like:

1). Start the PC ready boost service correctly

Are you sure that you do Have you used the PC ready boost service correctly? If not, here are some common steps for you to start it rightly:

Step1. Plunge a USB flash drive with high configuration to your PC.

Step2. Right click this USB drive to open its properties.

Step3. Hit Ready Boost tab on the upper side.

Step4. Select Use this device option out from others.

Step5. Choose OK to apply your setting.

And then, go see whether you will get the same ready boost error problems again. If you do get the same error message again, go on reading to try the next method.

Please Note:

Different versions of Windows operating system may need different ways to reach this service, you’d better search a proper one for your Windows PC online.

2). Change another USB drive that supports ready boost technology

If you are sure that the original USB drive is designed with too low configuration to support such ready boost services, go change another one instead. If necessary, also go purchase one.

3). Add internal memory chips or hard drives

No matter why you have to apply the computer USB drive ready boost service, the target for you is to expand the computer internal memory, right? So, in order to remove such ready boost error problems, you can also end this service correctly and go directly add computer internal memory chips or hard drives to directly enlarge the PC memory. Of course, this works when you do get extra internal memory chips/hard drives or get enough money to purchase new internal memory chips or hard drives.


No matter why and how you do get such computer USB drive ready boost error problems, hope the illustration above could help you anyway. And also remember to back up all important computer data on another storage device to avoid any unwanted data loss troubles in advance.

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