How to Fix Microphone No Sound/Not Picking Up Voice Issue on Windows PC

Last updated on 10/7/2018

Windows Computer Microphone Has No Sound/Does Not Pick Up Voice

*Windows 7 computer microphone does not pick up voice while trying to record a video with usb webcam camera connected?

*There is no sound from microphone suddenly when you are listening to music, seeing videos/movies or playing games, etc, in Windows 8 laptop?

*USB microphone is not working on Windows 10 computer and isn't picking up voice?

You do also get such microphone not working no sound problems and wonder to know how to troubleshoot/fix computer microphone not picking up voice/no sound problems? No worry. Read this article to learn more details to remove PC microphone no sound issues:

How to Troubleshot/Fix PC Microphone Not Picking Up Voice/No Sound Problems?

When your connected Windows computer microphone really gets no sound, there are several methods for you to check and fix microphone problems as below:

1). Confirm computer microphone connection

Are you sure this microphone with no sound is connected correctly? Honestly, under such circumstances, the loose or incorrect connection is really possible to be the reason behind such microphone not picking sound issues.

*Disconnect microphone to make sure it is firmly connected.

*Check USB ports or connection interface to make sure it is correctly inserted.

In these days, many microphone connection interface is next to headphone connection interface.  Make sure you do have connected it rightly. Of course, if you get a USB microphone, merely go try another usb ports to take chances.

2). Raise the computer speaker sound

Since microphone no sound problem is also able to be caused by mute computer speaker, you can also click the sound icon on the right corner of your PC desktop to raise the computer sound.

3). Reset your microphone

Have you set your microphone after inserting/connecting it to your Windows computer? If not, go reset like this:

* Right click volume icon on the bottom of the desktop to pick Recording Devices

*Click Microphone and set it as default there.
Of course, if necessary, also reset the other related elements there of your inserted microphone.

4). Check the drivers

Have you downloaded and installed a microphone related driver on your Windows computer? If not, go search and download one. And, by the way, there are also some webcam microphones that requires no drivers. If yours is also like that, keep on reading to try other ways.
Please Note: Remember to download driver from safe and authorized sites/locations in case of virus infection issues.

5). Check and reinstall the used music and video apps

Your microphone suddenly gets no sound while you are using a music or view app to listen/enjoy some songs/movies? The could be problems caused by these music and video tools. Merely go check its settings to see whether it is fixable. If it cannot be fixed by changing the setting, also remove and reinstall these programs to have another try.
Please Note: No matter what happens, always act carefully in case of causing worse troubles, like accidentally deleting hard drive files, mistakenly dropping usb flash drive or formatting usb hd by mistake, etc.

6). Check and change microphone

The connected microphone still picks no sound now after trying all the previous methods? OK! Perhaps, your microphone is already corrupted. Plunge it to another computer to see whether it is damaged completely.

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