How to Fix/Repair Computer 0xc000014c Error Code Problems without Data Loss in Windows

Computer Wont Boot and Gets System 32\Config\System Error Code 0xc000014c Problems

Computer fails to restart, change to blue screen and shows: "Windows failed to restart. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause... Windows\system 32\config\system error code 0xc000014c..."? Don't know how to fix such Windows boot error 0xc000014c problems without data loss and also reboot computer smoothly? OK! The like computer error code 0xc000014c issues are likely to occur due to computer operating system damage, internal memory chip/hard disk drive corruption and CPU problems, etc. Go on browsing this article and follow the below solutions to fix such computer blue screen of death error code problems.

Why Windows Fails to Start and Gives 0xc000014c Error Code Problems?

The Windows error code 0xc000014c problem often indicates a hardware or software change and can extremely affect the computer performance negatively. Hence, no matter how you do have encountered this computer error code problems, browse the bellow reasons behind 0xc000014c error code issues and see what you can do to fix it latter:

1). Internal memory chips/hard drive problems

How many internal memory chips/bars/hard drives have been inserted and used on your Windows 7/8/10 PC? Are they all are still workable? Honestly, when any of these plunged internal storage devices is corrupted or has serious bad sector problems, this error 0xc000014c problems would happen to you.

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2). Computer Windows operating system damage/corruption

Have you updated your Windows 10/8/7/xp/vista operating system recently? In fact, the like BSCO error code 0xc000014c problems are also able to be aroused by damaged/deleted/corrupted Windows operating system issues. So, make sure all OS files and folders are good and updated.

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3). Computer CPU problems

In some cases, when computer CPU gets problems and cannot mange to allocate the computer space to input, output or transfer file/photo/video/audio/app/game data, the same computer cannot boot up error code 0xc000014c problems also come to you.

Overall, no matter which causes behind your Windows computer 0xc000014c error code issues, hope these reasons could give you useful clues.

How to Fix Computer Blue Screen of Death 0xc000014c Error Code Issues?

In case that such blue screen of death 0xc000014c error could affect your PC performance, go try the below ways to repair such computer error code problems:

1). Check or change computer internal memory chips/HDD

Firstly check your PC internal memory bars/HDD to see whether they are all still recoverable. Merely use command prompt to run CHKDSK to test or repair hard drive.
And, then, if not all of these drives can be fixed, also change internal memory chips/hard drives or try it on another computer to see whether they are still workable. 

2). Repair or reinstall computer Windows operating system

And, also check all computer Windows operating system files and folders carefully to see whether they are deleted/corrupted/damaged. If so, go download or update essential files to fix such operating system problems. And, if necessary, also reinstall computer Windows operating system to remove the 0xc000014c problems in Windows.

3). Check or change PC CPU

Also go check your computer CPU to see whether it is in good state. If not, also go change another new one.

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