How to Fix Windows Computer High/100% CPU Usage Problems with Ease

Computer CPU Usage Peeks/Stays/Runs/Hit at 100% Percent?

Windows 7 computer CPU usage usually stays at 100% percent when playing games recently? Have a problem of CPU 100 usage problem after upgrading/updating Windows operating system? Or PC/laptop cpu usage becomes really high, nearly 100%? No worry! Even though such 100%  high CPU usage problems can make computer freezes frequently or slow download computer speed, they are also able to be easily fixed on your own. Read this articles to fix cpu 100% usage issues as below:

Why PC CPU Usage Gets so High?

Really need know reasons for high cpu usage for your Windows 7/8/10 computer so that you can fix such computer problems with ease? OK! Here are major causes behind 100% cpu usage problems:

1). Computer configuration

How long your Windows laptop/desktop has been used? Have you tried to upgrade the computer configuration. Perhaps, it is time to upgrade your PC and get a better PC configuration, like changing another hard drive with better quality and larger capacity.

2). Installed and opened too many background processes/apps

When you find your computer CPU is at 100% usage, you do have opened many websites, apps and processes which are running on the background? Or have you set many startup items? OK! Too many apps, startup items and processes used at the same time, also could bring you high cpu usage problems.

3). Antivirus software

In these days, many antivirus software, which will occupy many computer resources while running, also leads to 100% cpu usage issues. Needless to say, you perhaps have installed and used two or more antivirus tools on your PC now.
==>>Read this page to recover data when antivirus software removed files and folders

4). Not authorized drivers

Have you recently downloaded/installed/updated drivers for your Windows computer? Are they all authorized and safe? You'd better always download and use the confirmed and safe ones on your PC.

5). Virus

Vicious viruses, like Trojan and worms, etc, also could be the reason of 100% high cpu usage problems.

6). Overheated computer

In some cases, overheated computer will also affect the computer performance and bring you cpu usage 100% issues.
In short, there are many causes that can bring you such 100% percent cpu usage problems. Hope these listed major ones could help you get some useful clues for your case.

How to Fix CPU 100% Usage Problems in Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10

Find no reasonable cause behind and still want to fix CPU 100% usage issue for your Windows vista/xp/7/8/10 computer? No panic! Even when you do find no apparent reason for such high cpu usage issues, you can still follow the below ways to fix them all:

1). Upgrade computer configuration

If the computer are really too old, perhaps it is really the high time to upgrade the computer configuration based on your own conditions. Of course, you can also consider to purchase a new according to your needs.

2). Close or remove installed/used apps/processes

*Close useless sites/programs/processes with Task Manager
Step1. Right click bottom column of your PC to select Task Manager option
Step2. Click the Process tab to end all unwanted processes there.
Please Note:
Also open computer Task Manager interface by clicking "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" buttons at the same time.
Also check the CPU value shown on the Task Manager window to see which tool or process occupies high CPU. 

*Remove unnecessary startup items.

The startup items, which often will be automatically opened once you boot up your PC, also contributes a lot to the high cpu usage issues. Hence, remove some unnecessary ones. 

3). Reset or delete computer antivirus tools

If the computer task managers shows that your running antivirus software has taken much cpu usage, also go reset or delete computer antivirus tools. For example, close the real time monitoring function of the installed antivirus programs. Or delete or remove computer defending tools when you do have installed several antivirus ones there. Of course, if possible, also download and use another effective antivirus software which requires less computer resources.
Please note: Act carefully while deleting useless antivirus software to avoid deleting important files and folders mistakenly

4). Download and use authorized drivers

Change your computer drivers into authorized and safe ones.

5). Enlarge computer memory

Generally, such computer high usage problems are often able to be aroused by too low computer memory issues. Hence, also add another larger hard disk drive, ssd, ram or the likes to enlarge computer memory.  
Please Note: Also turn off your PC correctly to avoid corrupting hard drive and components inserted. Also safely extract connected external hard disk/flash drive/sd memory card in advance.

6). Cool computer timely

Also cool your pc with fans timely when it is overheated. Also check and clean your computer cpu fans to make sure they all works well.

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