How to Fix Computer Blue Screen Error Bad Pool Header?

Blue Screen 0x00000019 Bad Pool Header Error on Startup

"Hey! How to fix computer blue screen of death error bad pool header problem on a Windows 7 PC? And here is my story: about two days ago, I just installed Windows 7 operating system on my laptop to replace the previous Windows XP version. And then, this computer started to give me the Blue screen 0x00000019 bad pool header errors on the startup. And I had checked and updated my computer drivers and it was still no avail. Do I forget to update something after upgrading the computer OS? What can I do now to stop such bad pool header blue screen of death error popping out? Thank you for any suggestion in advance!"

Hello, have you also added any new hard drive or SSD to your computer with new Windows 7 operating system? In daily use, it is really possible for people to get similar bad pool header BSOD error on the startup only because their computer hardware drivers are outdated. However, outdated drivers are not the only one reason behind such blue screen error code problems. You’d read more related bad pool heard error and learn how to fix it here:

What Is Bad Pool Header Blue Screen Error?
Generally speaking, such blue screen bad pool header error problems often occur due to incompatible hardware and software, and corrupted hardware, except the above mentioned hardware drivers. Go read more details below:
1).The bad pool header error often indicates incompatible hardware or software
When you do face a blue screen saying "bad pool header" error notification, it often indicates that you may have had an incompatible hardware or software. For example, you do have installed a new internal hard drive, memory bar, app or game on your PC before you do get such errors? Are they all compatible or workable on your Windows 7 PC? You’d better firstly check them to go on.
2).The bad pool header error often means corrupted hardware
And, if you do make sure that all your newly added or installed storage devices are all compatible there, you are also supposed to see whether there is corrupted hardware to bring you such bad pool header issues. For instance, when your computer internal hard disk is loosely or incorrectly connected due to dust or damaged connection ports, when your hard disk is corrupted physically, like having bad sectors, when your hard drive is incompatible with the computer motherboard right now, your computer will not be able to read the information smoothly and have to shut down itself to warn you. That’s also why such bad pool header error shows on the blue screen.
3).The bad pool header error also can indicate virus infection
In daily use, many computer issues, like your bad pool header BSOD errors, often happens because of vicious viruses, malware and worms, etc. Hence, if you think your bad pool header issues are impossible to be caused by incompatible hardware or software and corrupted hard disks, you can go check whether it is virus problems.
Find your causes of such blue screen bad pool header error? If not, also do not panic. Go on reading below suggestions to see whether you can directly follow the methods listed to resolve such error problems with success.

How to Fix Bad Pool Header BSOD Error on Windows PC?

When people are stuck in such bad pool header BSOD error troubles, they are often suggested to follow the below methods to see whether these error problems could be completely fixed. You’d better also go try them one by one carefully:

1). Long press power button to shut down and reboot PC
To be honest, no matter which type of error codes has shown on the blue screen of your PC, like the whea uncorrectable error, inaccessible boot device error, and more, the related blue screen of death issues are often able to be easily resolved with PC rebooting. Hence, go long press power button of your PC to shut it down and reboot the computer to take chances.

2). Clean up all PC hardware and hardware connection ports
In some cases, when your computer hardware is in perfect state, but, the hardware connection ports are realty dusty or rotten, the computer will eventually not be able to read the hardware as well as before and also bring you such blue screen issues. Hence, safely power off your PC and clean all hardware and hardware connection ports to have another try.
Please Note: Also back up all important documents and files well in advance.

3). Start CHKDSK to test the hard drives and all internal storage devices
After cleaning up the connection ports of hardware, you do get the same bad pool header error message, OK. Go start CHKDSK to test all your inserted hard drives, memory chips and the like storage devices to see whether they all are still workable or not.
If the CHKDSK also does not help you out and you do have a hard drive checking and repairing app, go try it then.  

4). Change another storage device to see whether original hard drive is really dead or incompatible there
If all the used hard drive testing or checking tools on your computer are not able to help you check whether your storage devices are good or not there, you can also safely remove them out from your PC and plunge another good storage device with the same connection ports to see whether the original drives are really dead or incompatible there. 
Of course, if you get no extra storage devices, also merely plunge these original hard drives to another computer to check whether they are still workable.

5). Change another hard drive if it is physically corrupted really
And then, when you are 100% sure such blue screen errors are caused by physically corrupted hard drive, do not hesitate and go change another hard drive.
Of course, always select one according to your own conditions.

6). Remove incompatible games and programs
If you are sure these bad pool header errors are not aroused by corrupted or incompatible hardware, you can go see whether it is incompatible game or app issue. Merely remove them to see whether the same blue screen issues will come to you again or not.

7). Remove virus infected files and folders completely
If the above methods are all tried and you also get no any success, you can go start antivirus software to see whether your PC is virus attacked. Just remove all virus infected files and folders completely to stop such bad pool header BSOD error happening again.
No matter which methods is workable for your case, hope you can remove such blue screen of death error bad pool header problems completely and successfully.

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