Fix/Repair BSOD Stop 0x00000050 Page Fault In Nonpaged Area 0x00000050 problems in Windows

Last updated on 27/07/2018

Random BSOD Screen with Stop 0x00000050 Problems in Windows Computer

Get a blue screen with error message showing: "Stop 0x00000050 PAGE-FAULT-IN-NONPAGED-AREA" after installing a new hardware or upgrading computer system recently? Want to know why such computer stop 0x00000050 error comes to you and how to fix blue screen page fault in nonpaged area problems in Windows XP/7/8/10 computers? OK! Such blue screen of death issues could be caused by faulty hardware, software and drivers as well as antivirus software, etc. And your computer blue screen stop error 0x00000050 problems may not be as serious as you think. Merely continue reading this article to do a 0x00000050 error fix:

Why You Receive Stop 0x00000050 Page Fault In Nonpaged Area Error Message?

When you receive/get page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 error message on a blue screen, you can try to find the reasons behind according to the below clues:

1). Incorrectly install computer hardware

Have you installed any new hardware for your Windows 10/8/7 computers, such as the PC RAM? Have you installed them all correctly there? In fact, any incorrect or failed installation of a new hardware, like RAM, L2 RAM ache or video RAM, is able to affect the computer performance and leads to blue screen problems with a 0x00000050 error.

2). Incorrectly install operating system or have Windows OS problems

Have installed or upgraded Windows operating system there correctly? Have accidentally deleted files or corrupted data of PC system? Or have installed a faulty operating system there? In such case, any Windows operating system problem is also able to be the cause behind the page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 problems.

3). Corrupted NTFS hard drive partition/volume

Have deeply scanned entire computer NTFS hard drive recently? Is the NTFS HDD still in good state? Honestly, when the PC hard drive partition/volume with NTFS file system is corrupted, the stop error 0x00000050 problems also happen.

Recommend: Read this page to recover data from corrupted hard drive

4). Antivirus software

And, some incompatible or serious antivirus software will also change the computer hard drive or operating system, and also finally drive computer to crash and enter blue screen.
If you want to remove computer antivirus software installed, five free antivirus tools could be your choices.  
Hope these clues could help you find the actual reasons behind the blue screen stop 0x00000050 page fault in nonpaged area issues smoothly.

How to Fix/Resolve Stop 0x00000050 Blue Screen of Death Error on Windows 10/8/7/XP PC

In order to fix/resolve such stop 0x00000050 page fault in nonpaged area problems, you can try below methods to take chances:

1). Reinstall or diagnose Windows PC hardware

If it is really a problem caused by faulty hardware, also go reconnect the newly installed hardware at first to see whether it is correctly installed well there. And then, check and diagnose this new hardware to see whether it is workable. If not, repair or replace it then.
Of course, if you do get enough time, also go clean and check all installed hardware to avoid the related stop error problems in the future.

2). Remove or repair corrupted NTFS hard drive

And now, start computer CHKDSK to scan and test the connected computer NTFS hard drive to see whether it is corrupted/damaged or not. If the hard drive only gets some physical problems, like raw format hard drive issues, unformatted hard drive problems or bad sectors, etc, you can merely fix the hard drive problems and continue using it there. But, if it is completely failed there, also remove the corrupted one and replace it.

Recommend: Also convert raw to ntfs when NTFS hard drive becomes raw.

3). Repair faulty operating system

When such blue screen stop 0x00000050 issues are aroused by faulty or incorrectly installed operating system, also go repair or reinstall Windows system to go on.
Please Note: Before doing any change to your hard drive or Windows system, also remember to save computer hard drive file backups well elsewhere.

4). Remove antivirus software

If unfortunately the related blue screen page fault in nonpaged area issues are caused by antivirus software, also go remove this program to take chances.
Hope these methods could help you fix such blue screen of death problems with ease.

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