Fix/Troubleshoot Blue Screen of Death Stop 0x0000009C MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION for Window 7/8/10 Computer

Last updated on 28/07/2018

How to fix/solve Windows 10/7/8 blue screen of death stop 0x0000009C machine check exception error problems? Is it a computer hardware problems? How to fix the stop error code 0x0000009C BSOD problems without data loss?

Solutions: Recover Windows computer data and then, troubleshoot and fix computer hardware problems to solve the machine check exception blue screen of death issues without losing data.

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You Receive a BSOD 0x0000009C Error Message?

Have got serious Windows 10/8/7 computer blue screen of death problems and also received a stop 0x0000009C MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION error message shown on the blue screen loop of your PC? Hardly know about such blue screen stop error code 0x0000009C issues and also want to fix/resolve the machine check exception BSOD problems without losing/deleting computer hard drive files? OK! Ensure important computer files, movies, music and data are backed up well elsewhere and follow this articles to fix/repair such blue screen error 0x0000009C problems:
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Causes behind Blue Screen Machine Check Exception Error

Generally, when your computer/laptop has detected a hardware problem during booting, it will turns to blue screen and shows such stop error code 0x0000009C. Hence, in such cases, you are supposed to test and check your PC hardware to see whether there are some hardware issues:
1). Overheated hardware
Is your Windows laptop abnormally hot before the computer goes to blue screen? In fact, the overheated hardware, like too hot computer CPU, hard disk drive, video/graphic card and more, is often able to slow down computer speed, corrupt hard disk drive, cause computer system crashing issues and even bring such blue screen of death problems.
2). Corrupted hardware
How long you do have used these inserted CPU, hard drive, video card there? Is it possible that any of them has already been corrupted? Honestly, in daily use, any malfunctioned/corrupted hard disk, cpu or graphic card is also able to cause such machine check exception stop 0x0000009C problems.
3). Incompatible new hardware
Have installed any new hardware on this Windows computer with blue screen problems? If you do, perhaps you'd better check whether the new hardware is compatible with your Windows 7/8/10 PC or not. 
4). Incorrectly/loosely connected hardware
And, when the PC hardware is incorrectly or loosely connected there due to dusty /rotten connection interface, the same stop error code 0x0000009C also shows up.
Overall, such blue screen machine check exception error 0x0000009C problems often indicates a hardware problems and hope you can go check all used hardware carefully.

How to Fix/Troubleshoot Blue Screen of Death Stop Code 0x0000009C Error in Windows

When your Windows computer shows blue screen machine check exception stop  0x0000009C error message and computer cannot boot up there, here are simple solutions for you to fix such blue screen of death problems:  
1). Cool your computer quickly
If your computer is really uncommonly hot right now, the priority thing for you right now is to cool it down as soon as possible:
*Turn off the Windows PC to stop producing heat
*Close running games, apps and files
*Open computer internal/external fans and heat dissipation tools
And, take your ways to cool it quickly.
2). Reconnect and clean computer hardware
Also extract all computer hardware, clean the dusty/rotten connection interface and reconnect them all to see whether your PC will boot up or not.
3). Check all installed hardware
If you still get the same error code 0x0000009C problems after reconnecting the PC hardware, you'd better go check these devices to see whether they all are still workable.
As with the CPU, graphic card and the like hardware devices, you can try to plunge it to another computer to see whether they are useful.
And, as with the internal hard disk drive, you'd better firstly open Disk Management interface to check whether the hard drive is in raw file system/not initialized/logically damaged. And, then, run CHKDSK scanning to test and fix hard drive problems.
==>>Of course, sometime, also format laptop hard drive to fix all possible drive issues completely.
4). Replaced corrupted/malfunctioned hardware
However, if your hardware is corrupted/malfunctioned completely for a long time use, also go purchase a new one to replace the original one.
Of course, with extra ones, you also have no need to buy a new one. Merely replace the old one to ensure the common performance of your Windows PC.  
In short, no matter which hardware device has got problems, you'd better firstly save PC hard disk drive file backups well and fix the hardware issues to remove such computer blue screen stop 0x0000009C error.

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