Fix Blue Screen of Death Stop 0x0000002 EATA BUS ERROR in Windows 7/8/10

Last updated on 27/07/2018

Have a stop 0x0000002 Error Message While Installing Windows System?

Hello, Windows 8 computer runs into blue screen and receive a stop 0x0000002EATA_BUS_ERROR error message after you do have installed some new RAM? Windows 7 or 10 PC stop working and gets blue screen stop error code 0x0000002 problems while you are installing Windows system? or Dell/HP/Acer/Panasonic computer goes to blue screen and gives such EATA_BUS_ERROR error issues suddenly? OK! No matter what you have done to fix such computer blue screen error 0x0000002 issues, read this article and learn more details of causes and solutions for the blue screen eata bus error problems.

Causes of Stop Error Code 0x0000002 BSOD Problems

Generally speaking, when such computer stop error code 0x0000002 blue screen problems happens, it often indicate that your computer or laptop does have some hardware problems as below:

1). Defective/Faulty hardware

Have you installed any new RAM on your Windows computer with 0x0000002 eata bus error problems in recent days? Have you installed the RAM in a correct way? Or are you sure the used new RAM is workable? Honestly, in such case, any defective/faulty hardware installed there would affect the PC performance and leads to blue screen of death stop 0x0000002 issues.

2). PC hard drive is virus infected/corrupted

Except the hardware problems, the related PC 0x0000002 error also is able to be caused by hard drive problems, like virus infected hard disk drive, corrupted hard drive after sudden dropping/falling/shocking or a long time use, and physically damaged hard disk with bad sectors, etc. 
Of course, except the related hardware and hard disk drive problems, the like computer blue screen of death 0x0000002 error is also able to be aroused by PC drivers, virus attack and more. Hope you can find your reasons smoothly.

Fix/Solve Blue Screen Stop 0x0000002 EATA BUS ERROR on Windows 10/8/7 PC

And now, no matter whether you do have found reasons behind the eata bus error blue screen of death issues, here are solutions for you to fix/solve blue screen stop 0x0000002 eata bus error problems on your Windows 10/8/computer:

1). Remove or replace faulty/defective hardware

Firstly move all important hard drive data to another storage devices for data backing up. And then, shut down your PC correctly and remove all newly used RAM or the like hardware to see whether the stop error 0x0000002 problems is caused by hardware problems. If computer could run smoothly as usually, OK. Go replace these faulty/defective hardware for future use.
Please Note:
*Back up important data online or other devices in case of any data loss troubles.  
*If the faulty or defective hardware is newly purchased, contact customer support staff and see whether it is possible to change a new one.

2). Test and fix computer hard drive

After you do have extracted all newly applied hardware, you will also get 0x0000002 error message on the blue screen? OK! It must not be aroused by hardware issues. Go use "chkdsk /r" command prompt to test and fix your installed computer hard drives.
If necessary, also format PC hard disk drive to remove all possible drive problems.
Of course, if the Windows computer hard disk drives completely physically failed, also go get a new one online, when it is necessary.

3). Remove computer hard drive virus

And, now, you can also start antivirus software to see whether your computer or hard drive is virus infected. Remove or separate all possible viruses and threats there.
If you need an effective PC antivirus app, go check this page: Best free antivirus tools to clean computer
And, then, you can also try to update or reinstall computer drivers as well as checking or reinstalling Windows system. Overall, no matter which way will be workable for your blue screen error 0x0000002 eata bus error problems, always prepare data backups well.

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