How to Fix Error Code 0x0000007f Blue Screen of Death Problems in Windows

Receive Stop Error Code 0x0000007f on Windows Computer Blue Screen

Start to get a blue screen crash and receive computer code error message saying: "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer...STOP: 0x0000007F (0x00000008, 0x80042000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP..." while trying to use or boot Windows computer? No worry. Such blue screen of death stop error code 0x0000007f problems happen to computer users because of incompatible hardware, corrupted Windows 10/8/7/xp OS, low computer drive space and more. Go read this article and follow useful solutions to fix computer error code 0x0000007f completely:

Why You Get BSOD Stop 0x0000007f Error Message on Windows 7/8/10 PC

Generally, the error code 0x0000007f often means the specific program or progress cannot be found and the following error code 0x00000008 often indicates computer has no enough space. So, the entire blue screen of death error code problems could be caused by many reasons, like:

1). Computer incompatible hardware/software problems
Have you changed any new motherboard, internal hard drive, driver or software for this computer with 0x0000007f error message? Honestly, in such cases, incompatible computer motherboards, internal hard drives or drivers are all possible to be the reasons behind.

2). Computer low memory problems
How many memory bars/chips/hard disk drives you do have used on this Windows PC? How many free space is left on this computer? In fact, when your computer gets no enough free space, the like BSOD error code 0x0000007f issues could come to you.

3). Computer operating system problems
Are you using and updating a Windows operating system offered by computer manufacturer or authorized Microsoft company? To be honest, when your computer operating system, like Windows 7, 8, 10 or vista, really get deleted or corrupted, your computer is also able to enter blue screen and give such stop 0x0000007f error message.
And, there are also other causes, like software conflicts and virus, etc. However, no matter why you get such error code 0x0000007f issues, move on to the next section to see how you can fix/repair stop error 0x0000007f BSOD problems with ease and success. 

How to Fix/Repair Error Code 0x0000007f BSOD Problems in Windows

No matter why the error 0x0000007f unexpected kernel mode trap problems occur to to you, you can go use these solutions to fix BSOD 0x0000007f issues:

1). Reboot computer

When you just firstly receive such computer 0x0000007f error code message on blue screen, you can easily reboot the computer to see whether the computer problems could be automatically fixed/repair. If not, skip the second way to go on. 

2). Close or remove newly installed apps, hard drive or hardware.

In case that any newly installed app, hard drive, hardware or software is incompatible with your PC, merely try to close or remove them one by one to take chances.
Please Note: Always save computer data backups well on other storage devices, shut down computer safely and remove the target hard drive or hardware to avoid losing or deleting computer disk files by accident.

3). Update or change computer drivers

Also update or change outdated or incompatible or corrupted computer drivers to see whether such 0x0000007f error code is caused by driver problems.

4). Change or reinstall Windows

If you do not use the Windows operating system offered by authorized companies or sites, you'd better go use a new one downloaded from authorized sites, like Micorsoft company official site, and reinstall your PC operating system to have another try.

5). Free up or extend computer hard drive space

When your computer is really in low disk space, also try to free up or extend computer hard drive space to resolve such stop error 0x0000007f problems.
In order to free up far more computer memory, you can try to delete all unnecessary files, apps, videos, games and more data, defrag your hard drive, or even format hard drive directly, etc.
In order to extend computer space, also add a second or third internal HD/HDD or change another larger internal hard drive.

6). Change failed/corrupted/malfunctioned computer hard disk drive

Of course, when your computer internal hard drive is failed, corrupted or malfunctioned (like giving hard drive raw file system, drive not formatted or not initialized error messages, etc), also go test it patiently to see whether it is necessary to buy a new one.

7). Consult professional PC repairing shops

After trying all these methods all and still not being able to fix such blue screen stop error 0x0000007f issues, you can take it to local professional computer repair shops for help. Of course, some computer experts or teachers also could be your choices.

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