Fix BOSD Stop Error 0x000008e Kernel Mode Exception Not Handled Problems in Windows 7/8/10

Computer Gives Stop Error 0x000008e Kernel Mode Exception Not Handled Error Message

You do have received a stop error message saying: "Stop 0x000008e (KERNEL MODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED)... " on a blue screen during Windows starting up? Computer gets blue screen of death error code 0x000008e problems and cannot boot up  again? Want to fix such kernel mode exception not handled issues yourselves? OK! You come to the right place. The related PC BSOD stop error problems are often aroused by hardware, software, virus and driver problems and more. Follow the below solutions to fix 0x000008e error code issues:

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Error 0x000008e Problems on Windows 7/8/10 Computer

Need to fix/repair Windows 7/8/10 computer with error code 0x000008e KERNEL MODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED problems and restore the functional use of your PC? Here are a list of solutions for you to remove such computer blue screen of death problems:

1). Power off and boot up your PC again

The related 0x000008e error problems are also able to be temporary and can be easily fixed with rebooting.

2). Remove or delete newly installed app or software

Recently have installed and launched any new app/software, like antivirus tools, video viewing apps and more? Are they all safe and compatible there? When receiving stop error code 0x000008e error message, it could be caused by app/software problems. Go remove or delete these newly installed or applied programs to resolve the computer error code issues.
Please Note: Always double check the software files and folders carefully before deleting them in case of deleting important computer data.

3). Test or replace computer hardware, especially internal hard drive

Such PC error 0x000008e bsod problems are really possible to be caused by incorrectly connected or corrupted hard drive/memory chips/hardware. Hence, firstly reconnect these storage devices, then, clean the hardware connection carefully. And, then, also open CHKDSK tool to test and fix computer hard drive problems, including bad sector problems. If the computer hardware/hard drive could not be repaired now, also go buy a new to replace the old one instead.
Please Note: No matter whether you will plan to disconnect, clean, test, repair or replace the PC hard drive/memory chips/hardware, always extract important data and save hard drive data backups well in advance.

==>>Visit this page to read about 5 free ways to back up computer hard drive files

4). Check or fix computer operating system problems

In case that the related blue screen of death error code issues are caused by Windows 10, 8, 7, xp or vista operating system problems, like incorrectly installed OS problems, deleted/corrupted OS file problems and outdated OS problems, etc. Hence, also go check the Windows operating system files and folders carefully. And, restore, update, upgrade or reinstall the OS to go on, if there is really something wrong with the using operating system.
Of course, in such case, some operating system repairing tools are also helpful and able to solve all possible OS issues with simple clicks.

5). Start antivirus software to remove all possible viruses and threats

Computer hard drive files and folders change into shortcuts or missing weirdly before this PC suddenly reboot to blue screen with stop error code 0x000008e issues? OK! If so, the related Windows kernel mode exception not handled problems are also able to be caused by viruses. Go start antivirus software to detect and remove all possible viruses and threats on your PC.

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Computer still cannot reboot and goes to blue screen with Stop 0x000008e kernel mode exception not handled error message? Also go reset or upgrade BIOS or boot PC into safe mode or check/update computer drivers, etc. Hope you can fix your computer error code problems with the help of computer experts, if possible.

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