Five Best Free Antivirus Software

What Is Antivirus Software?

The antivirus/anti-virus software, also shortly-called AV, is a program that is able to protect your computer away from the attacking or damaging of some unwanted viruses and malicious threats, including worms, Trojans, mal-ware and the likes. It often helps monitor, detect and remove all possible threats hidden on your computer. After fishing a thorough scanning to all your computer storage devices, it will often give multiple options to delete, ignore or separate all recognized suspicious files, folders or programs for you.

Why to Use Antivirus Software on a Computer?

The antivirus software often is regarded as one of the basic methods to protect your computer against some dangerous viruses, mal-ware and the likes. Why?
1). Viruses Are Dangerous. 
Unlike the virus living in the outside world and animal bodies, the computer virus, like the well-known notorious Trojan and worms, is a man-made program or series of codes that can be spread from one computer to another and interface or even damage the destination computer operations without any warning. Moreover, it also replicates itself over and over again, which makes it more difficult to prevent or monitor for common computer users.
2). Viruses Often Attacks or Infects Computer without Any Warning.
No virus or malicious threat will firstly warn the computer users. It often will mutely attack or infect your computer drive, file folder or other information when you are visiting sites and downloading data over the internet as usual. Some of these dangerous viruses even can stay on users’ computer for years and gradually damage something inside. When you do find something weird, you may also have no way to fix. So, to avoid and detect unwanted viruses or threats timely, antivirus tool is really needed.  
3). Antivirus Software Is Essential to Protect Your Computer.
Visiting familiar websites only, downloading data from the safe locations only and running tested programs only really are good habits to avoid virus attacking. However, that is also not enough to protect your computer safely all the time. Any improper web link click, unexpected data downloading and the likes can put your computer in high risk of infection. However, the installed antivirus software can help you test these stuffs and tell you whether the web or data is dangerous before the situation goes worse. Hence, antivirus software is really necessary to protect your computer.

Five Best Free Antivirus Software

Here are five best free antivirus choices for you to protect your computer:
1). AVG
As one of the popular free anti-virus software, AVG antivirus software does a good job in protecting your computer. Moreover, to meet the needs from different users, it has offered distinct versions for both of Mac and Windows PC users. If you are a mobile phone or tablet user, don’t worry. You also can download one proper version from its official website for free. In most of time, this software will run in the background of your computer or other device and doesn’t affect a lot about your common use. Furthermore, to occupy less time, its scheduler even can help you automatically scan your computer regularly to detect or remove all suspicious stuffs. So, with this software, you probably do not have to put too much attention on such antivirus stuffs. Of course, the negative aspect is that you do have to endure some sudden pop-up ads all the time since the designers earns their money by accepting diversified adds.

2). Avast
Avast is also another best free antivirus software that is worth trying. In the aspect of protecting your computer against some dangerous threats, except some common virus and mal-ware protection, it also offers users anti-rootkit and anti-spyware functions. It built-in Auto-Sandbox also can help hold or save some suspicious files, folders or others separately all the time so that they will never really harm your computer directly. Its remote assistance function also could help you take a good control of your friends' or families' computers in a remote place as long as you do know the permission password. Moreover, it also provide three "shield" types, like Mail Shield, File system Shield and Web Shield, to protect you desired computer stuffs as you wish. But, the troublesome point is that you do have to register to go on your use after 30 days.
That may potentially infiltrate your system

3). Avira
With a very good reputation within customers, Avira is also a worthwhile free antivirus tool and can effectively help people prevent, detect and remove all possible viruses that have potentially infiltrated your computer system. It has been proved to be designed with high detection rate for mal-ware. Moreover, it also offers users access to Cloud-based protection and also can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac and Linux computer. Its virus database is also automatically updated. But, one of the shortcomings is that it is only free for personal use, not business use. 

4). Comodo
Comodo is also excellent free antivirus software and has been designed with a really strong Defense function which often will assume all possible unknown files as suspicious information to get rid of all possible potential threat at the outset. It virus databases and other information are often updated in the background and have no big effect on what you are doing. Moreover, if you do a game lover, the designed "Game mode" could be really interesting for you. Of course, it is also compatible with Windows8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. However, since its setup files are a little bit larger than other free software mentioned here, it may also take a longer time to download.

5).Micro Security Essential (MSE)
Micro Security Essential, also briefly named as MSE, is one of the best free antivirus software for Windows users. It always works well under different version of Windows operating system, like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7. It helps people protect against common viruses, spy-ware, Trojan horses and some rootkit, etc. Its real-time protection also helps people a lot. However, the bad news is that the Microsoft has not provided the security updated for the users since April 8, 2014.

How to Choose Right Antivirus Software for Your Computer?

Different antivirus tools outside often have distinct features according to different needs of users. Not all of them are proper to be used on your computer. However, what factors on earth should be taken into account when you attempt to choose a proper antivirus tool for your computer or laptop? Here are some examples that can help you:

1). Computer Hardware Configuration
Like other programs, the antivirus software also uses the computer resources when it is running, like occupying the computer memory and CPU. So, when choosing such software, you should consider about your computer hardware configuration conditions. If your installed AV software can nearly use most of your memory or CPU, it could be a big burden of your computer and is also not proper for your computer.  

2). Computer Operating System
Whether the selected antivirus software can work perfectly on your computer also rely on the operating system. For example, if you carelessly download an AV tool that can only work under Windows OS, you often cannot normally use it on your Mac computer. It may slow down your computer and even cause more weird problems for you.

3). Free or Paid Antivirus Software
Of course, like other common computer programs, there are also some paid ones and free ones, like the above introduced five ones. You’d better choose one according to your conditions.

4). Strong Antivirus Features & Self-Protection Functions
The strong antivirus features, including through storage device scanning, smart virus-infection warning and effective virus removing, etc, are really needed in latter computer protection. Moreover, the self-protection function, like protecting itself always from the damaging of malicious viruses or threats, is also really important in daily use.

5). Good after-Service
To have a strong defense, the virus database of the installed antivirus software often needs to be updated. To have a strong self-protection function, the antivirus software needs to be edited or developed often by its manufacture. Moreover, even when you do encounter some problems in daily use, you also need contact the customer feedback or support department and get your solutions. However, these all often depend on the after-services. So, you are also supposed to search whether the after-services of your selected AV software are as good as you hope.

Additional Tips & Methods to Protect Your Computer

1). Do Antivirus Scanning Regularly on Your Computer.
To avoid computer data loss troubles caused by virus, you'd better do antivirus scanning on your computer regularly. In fact, to meets the users' needs, many AV tools have offered scheduled scan for users to automatically scan the entire computer regularly. Hence, check the software features and set it well as you need.

2). Keep Updating Antivirus Software
To meet the diversified needs of different customers, the software designers often develop or improve their tools timely. So, in order to keep your computer safe all the time, always keep an eye on the software news and timely download the latest version of your selected software.

3). Safely Use Computer
The more you visit some porn/weird sites or download data from unsafe/unknown locations, the more risks you may get. So, in daily use, always play a good habit to view the safe websites, download data from the faithful location and also run known programs. Just always remember to safely use your computer.

4). Back Up Important Computer Data
Virus can hide important computer data and even corrupt computer operating to cause worse data loss troubles. So, in daily use, when you do run efficient antivirus software on your computer, you also should not release yourself from protecting your data. You’d better also back up all important files, audios, videos, mails and more on different devices to avoid any unwanted data loss troubles in the future.

5). Data Recovery Software to Recover Data from Virus-Infected Computer Drives or Devices.
No Antivirus software can work perfect all the time. That’s why people also get virus-infected hard drive or memory card problems occasionally. When important storage devices are really infected with viruses, just quickly remove all possible viruses or threats completely, like running antivirus software or straightly formatting this storage device and go try to recover desired original data with data recovery software which often can deeply scan the assigned memory cards, flash drives or hard drives and find all possible information back within simple clicks. 

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