Five Best Free Android Phone Backup Utilities

What Is a Mobile Phone Backup Utility?

Cell phone data backup is talking about how to back up the phone information (including phone contacts, texts, messages, pictures, videos, applications, games and others) to prevent to some unwilling data loss troubles, like accidental deletion, unintentional format/reformat, potential virus-infection, unexpected phone dropping or falling, etc. Well, the mobile phone backup utility is a program that is created and developed to help people make the cell phone data backups well as people wish. So, in this way, people can freely protect their valuable phone data.

Five Best Android Phone Backup Utilities

Often forget to prepare phone data backups on other drives or locations in daily use and really worry perhaps you may encounter some terrible data loss troubles someday? Or occasionally get virus-infected mobile phone and lose precious phone information unwillingly? Or have experienced some phone data loss troubles many times and never want to encounter similar data loss problems again? OK! The best way for you now is to make your phone data backups well regularly. Here are five best android phone backup utilities that you can use to protect your useful phone data with ease:

1). Helium
As with the present name, most people may be more familiar with its former name Carbon. As phone backup software, this Helium phone backup software is often well-known for its custom Android ROM and is developed to help android phone users to back up and restore their preferable phone data to different type of memory cards, including common SD card, Micro SD card and more. Moreover, except the common file types that ordinary backup software can help back up, like pictures, videos and songs, etc, it also help save call log and SMS to the target storage devices. But, many users complaint this software always gets different problems when it is used on the Motorola phones. So, if you unfortunately have a Motorola Android phone, the below backup alternatives may be better for you.
2). Ultimiate backup
This back up software often features for its advanced app management tools that can help people download or use diversified phone programs without downloading them all separately one by one. With this software, you can always easily backup data to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or local storage devices, like phone memory card, computer partitions and hard drives. However, unlike other related backup software, this software does not allow users to restore the backed-up data when something crucial is really deleted or lost. Hence, if you do often carefully deleted or lost something crucial off from phone, in case of some data recovery troubles, you’d better choose other ones listed there.
3). My backup
My backup is also useful free Android phone backup software. Use this software to easily back up, manage view and restore your desired device data, including the phone contacts, calendars, call history, music, videos, photos and the likes to computer storage devices or phone memory card. Moreover, it often will automatically back up your device information in the background and cause no big effect on what you are doing. But, one unsatisfying thing is that it only offers user 2MB of free cloud storage space. And that is obviously not enough for people to store different device stuffs.

4). Titanium Backup 
If you do have a rooted android mobile phone, this Titanium backup application could be a really perfect option for you. With this phone backup software, you can not only prepare extra copy of everything useful, like files, images, videos, messages and the likes, you also are allowed to back up installed application and the software settings. When you do play no habit to prepare device data backups for a bad memory, this software also can help you automatically make data backups with its built-in scheduler. However, there are also many attracting features that you can not use, including multi-user app supports, multi-backup options, backing up and restore data to or from Dropbox directly, etc, unless you do pay for the pro version, not the free version, at first.

5). G Cloud Backup App
G Cloud Backup application, as another best free phone backup software, allows users to back up 1GB of data to the online storage for free. Of course, if the 1GB of free space is not enough for you, you also can follow its rewires to earn up to 10GB of free space. Without enough time to back up everything manually every time, you also can schedule your phone data backups as you wish. Moreover, with this software, it is always easy for people to access or download stored data when your Android mobile phone detects a Wi-Fi connection.

How to Backup Android Phone Data with Phone Backup Software?

You are really not familiar with such Android phone backup software? Want to know how you can back up your mobile phone data with your chosen backup software? OK! Here is a simple tutorial for you:
Step1. Choose and download your selected Android phone backup utility. Install it well on your PC.
Step2. Start this backup software and let it scan your entire android phone, including your attached memory card.
Step3. Skim the scanned files, messages, contacts, videos, games, programs and the likes. And then, select the useful ones out.
Step4. Start the data backing up process. If the backup software is asking you to choose a destination storage device to hold all selected data, you’d better choose the phone memory card, not the phone internal memory.

Please Note: Of course, if you do not want to download a new phone backup program, you also can directly use the built-in Android system backup tool.

How to Recover Backed-up Android phone data? 

Even though you’ve backed up your desired android phone data well with phone backup software, you do unfortunately face some data loss problems and need recover these backed-up phone data back? OK! Never panic! Many phone backup utility can not only help make data backups with easy steps, and also allows users to recover the backed-up information back within several simple clicks. So, also try to get your backed-up phone photos, messages, videos, songs and others back as below:
1). Open this phone backup software again.
2). Find the “Recover” button and click it.
3). Browse all shown files and choose the desired ones out.
4). Recover selected information back.

Please Note: If the Android phone data backup software is also damaged when some data loss trouble happens to you, also do not give up easily. Just download some Android data recovery software and see whether it can help retrieve your wanted phone information back. You may be able to recover data from Blackberry internal memory, HTC phone, Samsung and more other Android phones with a good phone data recovery tool.


1). Play a good habit to make phone data backups well regularly.
It is always necessary to make phone data backups regularly. With the chosen phone backup software installed, you also can easily find its backup scheduler and let it make data backups automatically and regularly.
2). Do not disconnect android phone during the data backing up or restoring processes.
In case of damaging or corrupting your android phone, no matter what happens, never try to disconnect your phone out from your computer when it is still in use, especially when the data backup software is trying to back up or restore your phone data.
3). Also back up Android phone data on computer drives or other storage devices.
In case that your selected phone backup utility will be damaged or get some problems and cause data loss troubles, also remember to prepare some data backup copies on computer drives or other storage devices. And straightly uploading all precious information to computer partition folders is also one of the practical ways.
4). Save important data directly on the phone memory card, not phone internal memory.
When some phone photo, file, video and other data loss problems occurs to you, you often do have chances to get the deleted or lost phone data back, provided that you do have saved it all well on the phone memory card, not the phone internal memory. So, from now on, always also save one copy of crucial phone data on the phone memory card to avoid unwanted data loss issues.
5). Use phone memory card data recovery software to retrieve deleted or erased phone data.
When the data “recover” function of your selected phone backup software cannot work or cannot get all your desired original information back, you also can use phone memory card data recovery software to scan your phone memory card and try to take all possible original pictures, contacts, messages, music, files and the likes back.

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