How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error on Windows 8 or 10

DPC Watchdog Violation Blue Screen Error Shown on PC Boot

"Hello, my Samsung laptop computer with Windows 8 OS just works well and get no problem before. However, recently, after upgrading the computer into Windows 10, this computer always get a blue screen of death issues and shows an error message saying:'Your computer ran into a problem that it could not handle and now it needs to restart. You can search for the error online: DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION'on the blue screen. Is there anybody who have ever experienced the similar watchdog violation error problems? How do you resolve such watchdog violation problems? Thank you for any suggestion!"

Hello, friends! What have you done before you try to upgrade your computer OS? Is there something wrong with operating system upgrading? Or have also tried to update your computer driver as well? Honestly, the related DPC watchdog violation error happens to people occasionally due to some driver issues, SSD firmware issues and the likes. You'd better take your time to keep reading this article to learn more details about such watchdog violation blue screen problems and see how you can fix such watchdog problems.

Reasons behind Such DPC Watchdog Violation Error Problems

Generally speaking, when people face such DPC watchdog violation error problems on boot of their Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer, they often are suggested to find the reasons behind in three main clues. If you are also considering to remove your watchdog violation issues, you'd better go try these three directions so that you can also figure out the solutions correspondingly and correctly.

1). Computer drivers are outdated.
How long your the present drivers have been used on your PC? Have you tried to update them ever since they have been installed there? In fact, in daily use, the related watchdog problems are really possible to be caused by outdated computer drivers. Hence, go check your PC drivers and see whether it is necessary to update them all one by one.  

2). Too old SSD is incompatible with Windows 8 or 10 OS
Have you still used a very old SSD or added a new SSD on your computer after you do have upgraded the computer operating system? Honestly, in these days, some really old SSD, which is designed and manufactured with old firmware, is not compatible with the Windows 8 operating system and is able to bring the related DPC watchdog violation error problems. Hence, no matter whether your used SSD is old or newly purchased, go check whether it needs to be upgraded or changed.

3).Some computer apps also bring such watchdog violation issues
Have you downloaded and installed some new apps before you are stuck in such watchdog violation blue screen issues? If you do, these newly used programs are also able to be the causes behind such watchdog problems. As a matter of fact, when some computer apps, like VMware workstation 8, is installed or set improperly, it will really possibly exert a negative impact on computer OS. As a result, they will finally leads to such DPC watchdog error problems. Hence, go check these apps.

4). Others
Of course, there are also other causes that could bring people such blue screen watchdog violation problems, like incorrectly upgrading Windows 8 or 10 operating system. You'd better go find it or them out according to your computer circumstances.

How to Fix Watchdog Violation Error Issues on Windows 8 or 10 PC?

No matter whether you do have found the reasons of these watchdog violation error issues correctly, here are several methods for you to resolve such blue screen watchdog problems:

1). Update or reinstall computer drivers
Could not remember when your last update of computer drives has happened or you are sure that you do have not ever checked and installed the PC driver updates since they all are firstly used on your purchased computer? No worry! Just go check the new updates of all your computer device drivers and see whether you need to download and install them on your PC. Of course, if these drivers are unfortunately damaged somehow, also do not hesitate to reinstall them timely.

Please Note: The drivers and updates from the official sites or authorized locations and forums are safer.   

2). Upgrade or change computer SSD
If you do have used a SSD for a really long time or inserted a second-hand SSD recently, such computer blue screen problems could be caused by the SSD problems. Go take this SSD to professional SSD shops and see whether it needs to be upgraded or changed.
Of course, in case of losing or deleting data from SSD unexpectedly, always save data backups well on other storage devices in advance.

3). Check computer apps and remove the ones with problems
If your computer does get such watchdog violation issues after you do have applied some new utilities, go check these apps, reset or remove them according to your own conditions. 

4). Consult computer repairing shops for help

And, if these methods above all cannot help you resolve such blue screen DPC watchdog violation problems, you'd better take it to some professional PC repairing shops for help.

How to Cope with Such Computer Blue Screen of Death Problems?

Also want to know what you can do when such computer blue screen of death (BSOD) issues occur again in the future? OK! No matter which type of error warnings you have received when your computer crashes suddenly and enters the blue screen, There are some common steps for you to troubleshoot and resolve such BSOD problems:

1). Reboot computer to see whether it is a temporary computer problems

If your computer gets blue screen of death issue suddenly, merely go long-press the power button of your PC to compulsively shut it down and reboot it. Honestly, when your computer only gets some temporary problems, like opening too many apps or sites at one time, sudden computer power loss, too low computer hard disk space and overheated computer, etc, the computer will runs as effectively as before after you do have restarted it successfully.    

2). Do antivirus scan to remove or delete any virus infected apps, files, folders and more.

Such computer BSOD issues are also able to be aroused by computer viruses. Hence, merely reboot your PC and do antivirus scan there to remove or delete any virus infected app, file, folder, game and more.
And the, you can go recover files after virus attack with computer data recovery software.

3). Check computer operating system to see whether it needs to be updated or reinstalled

And, when your computer operating system is outdated, deleted or corrupted anyhow, the related computer blue screen issues also come to you. Hence, also go check your PC Windows OS and see whether it needs to be updated or reinstalled.

4). Check computer hard drive to see whether it needs to be cleaned, repaired or changed.

And, in fact, the computer blue screen issues are also possible to be caused by computer hard drive problems. For example. When your computer internal hard disk is too full and get no enough free space, your PC is possible to get BSOD problems while the PC CPU usage is too high. When your computer hard drive is damaged or failed anyway, the same issue is also able to occur. Overall, go check your computer hard drive to see whether it needs to be cleaned, repaired and changed. 

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