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A digital camera enables you to take photos at any time and any place. Usually, you need to insert a memory card inside a digital camera for data storage. Compared to traditional film camera, photo taken by a digital camera is much eraser to store and transfer, but they are also easer to get lost due to many reason. This article will introduce various kinds of errors and problems on different digital cameras and tell possible solutions for error fixing on those cameras.

Camera Error, Camera Is Unable to Initialize

This problem usually occurs when you turn on your digital camera and it says error message "Camera Error, Camera is unable to initialize". When getting such kind of error, you cannot use the digital camera to take photos. If you meet this problem, you can try following method to resolve it:

Click Settings on digital camera > APP > All > select Camera > select Clear Cache and Clear Data and then force to stop the camera

Digital Camera Cannot Recognize Memory Card

Memory card is an important part in a digital camera. You are unable to take photos without a proper memory card, but sometimes your digital camera probably fails to recognize the memory card inserted in it. Here are some possible situations that memory card cannot be recognized by a digital camera:

1. The memory card is not compatible with the digital camera. There are various kinds o f memory cards for different digital cameras. For example, you can insert an SD card, CF card or XD card to a digital camera. However, not all memory cards are compatible with every digital camera. If you insert a memory card that is not compatible with the digital camera, it will become unrecognized.

2. Digital camera or memory card is corrupted. For example, the chip on digital camera or memory card is corrupted.

3. If the memory card is full and has no available storage to store photos, your camera probably says there is no memory card inserted. You can move some data to another memory card or your computer and then delete files from this memory card to free up space.

Digital Camera Says No Picture Available

When you use a digital camera to take pictures, you can view photos immediately. However, sometimes, digital camera may reports error message that there is no picture available for viewing either on the internal memory of the camera or the memory card inserted in it. In this situation, you can connect the memory card or the camera which contains the photos to your computer to see if the pictures are available to view. In addition, if you take photos with one digital camera, you may be unable to view the photos in another brand of camera.

Digital Camera Shows Write Protection Error

Digital camera shows memory card or photos are write-protected when you attempt to copy or delete any photos on it? If you receive this error message, you can check following situations:

1. The memory card or the photos are set as readonly or write-protected, in which situation you might get write-protection error message when you want to copy, delete, move or edit the file. You can remove the readonly or write-protection attribute to fix the problem.

2. The files were attacked by virus. If digital camera reports write-protection error message on any file because it has been infected with virus of Trojan, you need to run antivirus software to erase virus.

Digital Camera Reports Memory Card Not Formatted

Digital camera would reports not formatted error on memory card when its file system has changed to RAW file system. This problem usually occurs when there is something wrong with the memory card, but your digital camera does not have any problem. In this situation, you can still use the camera to take photos by inserting another probably memory card. However, if you want to get back lost files from the memory card which shows not formatted error, you probably need to use a data recovery tool. To fix the error that digital camera reports memory card needs to be formatted, you can format the memory card in the digital camera. It is recommended to format card in camera in order to format it to proper format that can be compatible with your digital camera.

Digital Camera Information

Digital camera originated from 1950s. Today, popular brands of digital camera includes Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Olympus, Sony, FujiFilm, LeiCa, Casio, Pentax, Panasonic Lumix, and more. SD card, CF card and XD-picture card are widely used in digital camera, but you had better make it clearly whether the card is compatible with your camera when you buy a new memory card.

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