Deleted Information from Hard Drive and Now It Is Not Accessible

"Hello, is it really possible to recover deleted data from external hard disk that is now inaccessible? I have a 1 TB Seagate external hard disk that is used as a shared drive to transfer data between different computers. About last night, I have deleted several business file folders on a computer. And then, this morning, when trying this external drive on my laptop, it became inaccessible since this drive was not formatted due to RAW file system error. And I also finally found some deleted drive files were erased wrongly. What can I do to recover lost data from hard disk that in RAW and needs to be formatted? Thank you in advance!"

"Hey, my WD USB hard disk is not accessible on Windows XP computer. In fact, last Monday, I just deleted a photo folder stored on this external hard disk in Windows and then, removed it off from my PC with safely hardware remove icon. And then, when connecting it to the same computer again, this drive was inaccessible there. I was also asked to format. But, I just cannot format this hard disk since I have not recovered and backed up the deleted drive data. Please help me recover external drive data after delete."

Hey, friends! What exactly is the actual message that you get related to this inaccessible USB hard disk? Only the common "the disk is not formatted is not formatted. Do you want to format now…", "the type of file system is raw. CHKDSK says disk is RAW…" or "hard disk needs to be formatted before any use"? No matter what the popped-out message has told you, the deleted information may not be lost completely now, though this drive is inaccessible right now. Just avoid formatting or overwriting this external drive and use deleted USB hard disk file recovery software to rescue deleted information from hard disk in Windows.

Learn to Recover Deleted Data from Inaccessible Hard Disk on Your PC

No matter why your hard disk becomes inaccessible after that mistaken deletion, your deleted original drive information is often able to be reused again when they are recovered back at the aid of deleted file recovery software. Therefore, perform not formatting or overwriting processes on this inaccessible hard disk and choose deleted data recovery software to undelete photos, videos, music, etc as many as possible. Go try to get your drive information back within simple steps:

download data recovery software

Step1. Pick the useful data recovery mode after running this software to your PC with ease.

select recovery mode

Step2. Click this inaccessible hard disk and start to scan it deeply.

wait while scanning

Step3. Check the scanning results and choose recoverable ones out.

preview found photo

download data recovery software


* If you give data recovery software a try, do not forget to run the trial version provided to see whether it can take much original drive data back.
*If you’ve rescued everything recoverable back, do not forget to choose a different storage device to store it all in case of data recovery failures.
*If you’ve retrieved desired data back with luck, do not forget to make drive data backups well in case of data loss troubles.

Computer Hard Disks Can Be Inaccessible due to Many Reasons, like:

After deleting important information off from external hard disk, you just find your drive weirdly becomes inaccessible anyhow when trying to use it on your PC again? Need to know why and also fix it with ease? Here are some possible reasons for you:
* Sudden hard disk withdrawing
* Sudden hard disk falling, dropping, hitting or shocking
* Potential hard disk virus attacking
* Unwanted hard disk RAW file system
* Unexpected hard disk logical damages
* Hard drive format inproperly

Of course, the hard disk problems could be different according to distinct conditions and situations. Hope you can find your actual causes and also recover deleted information from hard disk with full success.

download data recovery software

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