Today, almost everybody knows how to use computer, most of them have little knowledge about computer. Especially, a few computer users know how to resolve the problem effectively when a computer has different malfunctions. In fact, you probably encounter hundreds of problems on a computer, which cause different troubles to you. This article would introduce some common problems on computer and methods to fix the error.
Common Computer Problems
Usually, you probably meet following problems on a computer:
>> Accidentally delete files from hard disk drive on computer
>> Reformat computer’s hard disk drive
>> Computer reboots or turns off all of a sudden
>> Computer cannot boot normally
>> PC cannot recognize external hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, etc
>> Computer freezes up or shows blue screen of death
>> Computer makes strange noises
There are proper solutions for error fixing no matter what kind of problem you meet on your computer.


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Accidentally Delete Files from Computer

It is a common problem on different brands of computers including desktop and laptop. You may mistakenly delete files from any storage media on your computer. This problem frequently occurs, but it does not cause any harm to your computer. What you need to do is to use data recovery software to undelete files from the media where it got deleted.

Mistakenly Format / Reformat on PC

Deletion only erases the selected files, but format or reformat would wipe the selected partition with all data being erased. Although deletion and formatting cause data loss of a different magnitude, you can use the same method to unformat the formatted media for data recovery on computer.

Computer Reboots Suddenly

Sometimes, your computer works well, but it reboots all of a sudden when you handle some important documents or do something else on your computer. One of the most common symptoms when computer reboots is that PC shows blue screen and then reboots automatically. This problem usually results from system crash, virus infection, software conflict, hardware failure, hard disk contains bad sectors and more. Therefore, you can do following things to fix the problem:
>> Run antivirus software to scan if there is any virus on your computer
>> Uninstall the software which may be not compatible with your computer (If the problem is caused by this reason, usually your computer reports blue screen and reboots every time you launch the certain program on your computer)
>> Update the hardware
>> Fix and repair bad sectors on computer’s internal hard disk drive
If the problem still exists after trying all methods, you may need to reinstall operating system to prevent reboot of your computer.

Computer Turns off without Warning

Your computer turns off without showing any warning message when you are doing something on your computer?
4 common reasons that cause PC to shut down without any warning:
>> Computer mainboard is overheating
>> Power surge or power outage
>> Computer hardware issue
>> Software issue on computer
>> Virus attack on computer


>> You had better install program which is able to monitoring the temperature and heat of your computer. You should often check if the computer fans work well.
>> Regularly clean your computer to prevent damage to computer components
>> Some software like antivirus software usually requires rebooting or turning off computer after scanning drives on your computer. You can remove the default settings to prevent shutdown of your computer.
>> If your computer shuts down due to software conflict, you have to uninstall the software which is not compatible with the computer.
>> If PC turns off due to virus infection, you should run antivirus software to remove viruses.

PC Cannot Recognize Removable Disk

In addition to internal hard disk, PC also recognizes removable disk like portable hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, pen stick, etc. However, PC sometimes cannot detect those devices normally. If it is the removable disk corruption that lead computer not to recognize it, you may need to use data recovery software free to recover files and then fix the removable disk. If there is no problem with the removable disk but there is something wrong with the computer, you do not need to recover data because you can connect the removable disk to another computer to read or write data. Usually, PC malfunctions that could result in an external disk not recognized include virus infection, USB port broken, incompatibility issue and more.

Computer Makes Strange Noises

If your computer makes strange noises, it might be that there is some problem with the components or hardware of PC. For example, your computer might accumulate dust over time and it may make whirring noise because the components have too much dust. In addition, your computer may make noises when hard disk is dead. Therefore, it is a problem that cannot be ignored when computer begins to make noises.

Computer malfunctions usually include software problem and hardware issue. You cannot ignore the issue whenever you meet any problem on your computer in case of data security and ensure the normal function of your computer.

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