Computer Windows Bad Pool Header Error

Windows Computer Gets Blue Screen & Shows Bad Pool Header Error Messages?

"Hello, is there any computer expert who know how to cope with Windows computer blue screen bad pool header error problems? Honestly, this morning, my Windows 7 computer crashed and a blue screen appeared with a bad pool header error message as well. While trying to reboot this PC, I also got the same blue screen error message. What can I do now to repair my computer and restore its functional use? Thank you for any suggestion to resolve this blue screen bad pool header error problem!"

Hello, in order figure out why your computer gets similar blue screen bad pool header error message, we need much more related data. For example, what have you done to this computer before the blue screen of death issue? Have you don any change to your Windows OS in advance? Have you compute hard disk damaged with bad sectors? Or have you computer been attacked by viruses? OK! No matter what you answers are, here is detailed information for you to learn much more knowledge about Bad pool header blue screen issues.

Why Windows Blue Screen Bad Pool Header Error Problems Happen to You?

The computer blue screen bad pool header issues often happen to people since there are some computer operating system problems. However, the computer system error is not the only one reason behind such computer issues. Go read more related causes of bad pool header errors here:

1). Computer Operating system gets errors.
You do have installed, reinstalled or done some changes to your computer Windows operating system before you are stuck in such bad pool header problems? Why you do have to do some changes to the computer system? Is it outdated? Are there any important operating system files and folders deleted or lost by mistake? Or computer operating system corrupted completely? All right! You do have done something to your PC OS, right? That could be why your computer cannot boot up with a bad pool header error.
Please Note: After accidentally delete important computer hard disk files, the computer hard disk deleted file recovery software could help recover files deleted back.

2). Computer internal memory banks and inserted memory band chips get problems.
Such computer blue screen bad pool header error also is able to be aroused by computer internal memory bank problems. For example, when your newly inserted internal memory bank chip is not compatible with your computer motherboard, the common performance of your PC will be extremely affected negatively. That includes blue screen bad pool header problems. Of course, when your computer internal memory bank chip is not rightly connected due to too much dust or the like stuffs, you are also possible to get the same error messages while booting.

3). Computer internal hard disk gets bad sectors.
Except the problems of the computer internal memory banks and connected memory bank chips, the related computer bad pool header blue screen error issues also possibly happen to computer users due to internal hard disk with too many bad sectors. Why? When your internal hard disk is filled with bad sectors, the stored OS files and folders may be already gone permanently and cannot support computer to boot up as usual. 

4). Computer hard disk driver is outdated or damaged.
In order to let the computer internal hard disk recognizable on your PC, it is really necessary to download and install a compatible and workable hard disk driver. However, if your used driver is outdated or damaged, you do have more chances to get hard disk problems. And that also is able to be why your computer gives such bad pool header error messages.

5). Computer virus
The uncontrollable viruses often can not only damage your computer hard disk, internal memory bank chips, sometimes, and also delete or corrupt your computer OS files and folders. Overall, it is also possible to bring you the blue screen bad pool header error problems.

How to Fix the Bad Pool Header Blue Screen Error Issues?

Read this to resolve your computer bad pool header blue screen error problems:

1). Reboot your computer into safe mode.
Such blue screen bad pool header error problems are also able to be some temporary issues. Hence, merely go try to reboot your PC into safe mode. Here are steps for you:
Step1. Click power button to reboot your PC and press F8 button to show the Advanced Boot Options interface.
Step2. Highlight the Safe Mode option there and click Enter button to go on.
Step3. Wait and see whether your PC could boot up this time.

2). Clean, reconnect or change computer internal memory bank chips.
If you are not sure whether there are some problems with your PC internal memory bank chips, go shut down your computer, remove the connected memory bank chips, clean it and reconnect it back to see whether this method helps restore PC performance. If not, your computer memory bank chips may be corrupted. Go change another better one to check again. In the future, always clean your computer hardware regularly to avoid too much dust or the like stuffs.

Please Note: Before remove the internal memory bank chips or other computer components, always safely turn off your computer in case that sudden power loss could corrupt your computer memory or hard disk logically or physically. That could bring you troublesome computer data loss troubles, including the "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now…" errors, unrecognizable computer hard disk errors and the "CHKDSK RAW Error" problems, etc.

3). Update or reinstall computer disk driver.
You are sure your computer disk drivers have not been updated for a really long time? You can go download and install the disk driver updates to take chances. Of course, of the old one is completely corrupted, also go reinstall the latest version instead.

4). Apply different antivirus software to take chances.
If the old antivirus software really scans out no dangerous virus or threat from your computer, you can go uninstall it and apply another effective one to take chances. No matter what your scanning results are then, go learn to keep performing antivirus scanning on your PC regularly in the future.
Please Note: You can go to format virus infected hard disk to clean everything dangerous completely. If you are still wondering to recover data from formatted hard disk, the related professional data recovery software could be your solution to take original data back as much as possible.

5). Check and restore computer hard disk 
And now, you are supposed to check your computer internal hard disk. You do often have three possible ways to go. Firstly, open computer error-checking tool, also commonly called as CHKDSK tool, to scan your hard disk and see whether there are terrible bad sectors. Secondly, download and apply hard disk diagnosing software to scan this hard to check whether it is still workable and recoverable. Thirdly, go take it to some professional hard disk repairing shops and see whether it is recoverable. And the, according to the state of your hard disk, you can decide on whether it is necessary to change another new one.
Please Note: No matter whether you need a new hard disk to instead the old one, always do your utmost to extract all important data out from this old hard disk and back it all up well on other storage devices. If you are stopped by some hard disk errors, you can go try hard disk data recovery software to rescue possible original data back.

6). Reinstall computer operating system.
Of course, if your computer blue screen bad pool header issues are coursed by computer operating system errors. Go reinstall your Windows operating system correctly.

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