Computer Web Page Not Responding

Please Help! Computer Web Pages Are Not Responding!

"Hello, do you know what's wrong with my computer internet Explorer? In these days, my internet explorer web pages keep saying they are not responding. After I have closed and restarted them again, the same error message also pops out again. The entire internet explorer browser also freezes up for a while. Is this internet explorer browser damaged? What can I do now to stop this web page not responding error problem? Thanks for any advice here."

Hello, have you tried to open the same web page with another web browser, like the common FireFox, Google Chome and more? Is the web page opened smoothly on another web browser? If so, your computer internet explorer may get some unknown problems. In fact, as with such website not responding error issues, there could be many causes behind. You’d better find yours and do take some practical measures to remove them. Merely read this article to see what you are supposed to do now.

Why Are Your Internet Explorer Web Pages Not Responding?

Such web page not responding error problems often indicates that your computer internet explorer or web site itself is running into problems. However, that is not the only one reason behind such computer issues. Honestly, there are many causes that can bring computer users similar internet explorer web page no responding error messages. Here are some ones that can help you somehow:

1). Computer internet explorer is running into problems somehow.

How long have you used that internet explorer browser on your PC? How often do you check and install the internet explorer updates? Or have you done something accidentally to delete or corrupt some important internet explorer browser files and folders? Honestly, such computer not responding error problems often could be caused by computer internet explorer problems. For example, when your important computer internet explorer files and folders is corrupted, deleted or lost, when your computer internet explorer browser is outdated or when your internet explorer is set improperly, you are able to get web page not responding error messages while using.

2).The computer/ internet explorer is running too many background processes and cannot respond in time.

While you are trying to open these web pages with not responding errors, how many else websites, programs or background processes have you also opened at the same time? Actually, when you do have applied several large programs, games and tools, added many add-ons, run many background processes or accumulated too many temporary files, etc, at the same time, your internet explorer may not be able to respond in time and give you that not responding error messages.

3).The computer website that you attempt to visit does have problems.

Except the problems caused by the computer internet explorer problems, these website no responding error issues also could aroused by website problems. For example, when your searched website is corrupted or does get some bugs, etc, your computer also can give you that not responding error messages.

4).The computer internet connection is not as smooth as you hope.

As we all know, people does visit desired websites smoothly when computer internet connection is available and also at a good speed. However, once the computer internet connection is not as smooth as you hope, you also can get such web page not responding errors. Merely go reconnect the computer internet or reload the desired web page to have a try.

5).The computer is affected by vicious viruses.

In some cases, the hidden viruses also can occupy much computer resources and let computer does have no enough resources to process your desired computer websites. Overall, no matter which one of them is familiar with you, hope they are not too serious.

How to Fix Windows Internet Explorer Website Not Responding Error Problem?

Computer internet explorer browsers often tells websites are not responding for some reasons and such web page not responding error problems are also able to be fixed with right solutions.

Here are some solutions for you to fix such website no responding error issues:

1). Reset or reinstall your computer Internet Explorer Browser.

Since such computer website no responding error problems are able to be caused by some internet explorer browser issues, you can easily fix the possible problems of your internet explorer to fix everything back.

*Reset your internet explorers to its default level.
Open Internet Option of your computer internet explorer browser under Tools tab and Go to choose Advanced tab. And then, press Reset button there and click OK at last.
*Update internet explorer to the latest version.
Computer internet explorer could run improperly since you do not update your browser timely. Hence, go download and install the latest updates to your installed internet explorer.
*Remove useless internet explorer add-ons.
Open Internet Explorer browser to click Tools tab and choose Manage Add-ons option. And then, choose the unwanted ones and disable them there.
*Remove all temporary files and the like trash files.
Find and clean all temporary files. Also use some cleanup software to help you remove all useless trash files if it is possible.
*Reinstall internet explorer browser.
Go reinstall your internet explorer browser at last to take chances.

2). Reconnect your computer internet.
When these computer web page not responding errors are caused by not smooth computer internet connections, go reconnect this computer internet or go visit such webpage latter.

3). Run antivirus scanning there.
The computer website not responding errors also could occur to internet explorer users when the computer is virus infected. Therefore, if you want to visit your web pages smoothly as before, go remove the possible viruses at first. Merely install antivirus software there and run antivirus scanning processes on your computer to get rid of all possible suspicious stuffs.
Please Note: If you do have deleted computer hard disk files for cleaning viruses, you may go try to undelete computer files with deleted file recovery software.

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